Welcome to the SuperRare Forum and the Space Race πŸ’Ž

Welcome to the SuperRare Forum and the Space Race :flying_saucer: :checkered_flag:

Discussion and debate will occur here on the forum and within our active community Discord. Please be mindful that all Space proposals must be submitted through the SuperRare Forum to be taken into consideration for voting.

As the SuperRare DAO evolves, we will collectively ease into more sophisticated decentralized decision making. Because communication and community-building take time to develop, we’re starting with a specific focus on curation, opening community participation in governance with the Space Race.

All proposals not relating to the Space Race made in this forum are advisory and non-binding upon the SuperRare DAO. The SuperRare DAO reserves the right to modify this forum, the Space Race proposal process, and other network governance procedures and requirements in its sole discretion.

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During all forum interactions please adhere to our community standards as set forth in our Community Guidelines