Category Topics

General Discussion

General discussion relating to the SuperRare DAO and cryptoart ecosystems.

Governance Discussion

A place to introduce and develop ideas relating to protocol updates, network curation, and DAO governance. Requests for Comment go here. Product feedback and requests for partnership may be moved to other categories.

Governance Proposals

A place to formally submit SuperRare improvement proposals for final discussion before going to a vote. Posts which do not comply with the formal SIP structure or that are underdeveloped may be moved to other categories.

Space Ops 🛸

A place for SuperRare spaces to coordinate and communicate. Spaces are independent galleries on SuperRare that curate, promote, and sell artworks.

Product Ideas

A place to share and suggest changes to the SuperRare user experience, website, and product offering.

Community Partnerships

A place to discuss cooperation and/or integration with outside organizations.