About SuperRare Spaces

A place for SuperRare spaces to coordinate and communicate. Spaces are independent galleries on SuperRare that curate, promote, and sell artworks. :flying_saucer:

Interested in creating a space within the SuperRare ecosystem? Head on over to our new Space Race platform.

The Space Race is a way for $RARE holders to review these proposals and influence the outcome of the galleries entering into the SuperRare gallery ecosystem. This is the primary mechanism through which $RARE holders can shape the future of the SuperRare network, outside of voting on governance proposals.

Council approved space applications will be reviewed and voted on by $RARE holders during periodic Space Race events.

Each Space is overseen by a designated operator (or operators). Elected operators will choose and onboard their own artists, market as they see fit, and earn commissions on all sales through their Space.

Learn more about spaces and the curation token here: Announcing the $RARE Curation Token and the SuperRare Network | by SuperRare Labs Team | SuperRare 💎 | Medium


Hi, it is Jose Geraldo from Brazil here.
I want to participate in the Super Race #3 but the forum post has been closed!
I didn’t know it had a close date (actually I looked for this info in the post but I couldn’t find it).
I have the Super Rare Space proposal ready to be sent, is it possible to include it in this race?

we prepare a space Application. Do you know when the next race will open?
I heard October 7th, but maybe it has been postponed…

Hi @Kimelios You can find the form to submit for the Space Race 4 here.