April 2023 Update on the RareDAO Grants Program

RareGrants Round 1 Recap

Grants round 1 was a successful foray for the DAO into the world of grants. The committee allocated roughly 600k RARE to five grants working on tooling for spaces, educational programs, and legal innovation. We look forward to scaling out the processes established in GR1 and applying the lessons learned to improve future grant rounds.

More details will be released soon about the individual grants awarded in GR1. For now, we’ll start by spotlighting Decentralized Autonomous Education (DAE), submitted by hex6c. DAE is an open-sourced educational program in which teachers lead cohorts as they learn about basic blockchain and DAO concepts by managing a communal treasury and earning reputation. The first course, titled ‘Red Panda’ will begin on May 3rd.

RareGrants Round 2


Submit your applications here! Applications will remain open for the duration of Grants Round 2 (through June 2023) or until all funds for this round have been committed. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis by the grants committee, which has been appointed by the RareDAO council to administer the grants program. GR2 has 750k $RARE available and grants will be denominated 100% in RARE by default. While 750k $RARE is the anticipated expenditure, it should be noted that the committee has the discretion to access any portion of the remaining ~4.4 million $RARE earmarked by SIP | Can the Devs Do Something (RARE)? with approval from the DAO Council.

Committee Composition

At time of publication, the committee composition is unchanged, with 50% SRL and 50% community representation. The committee may add or remove members by majority vote.

  • Brennan Mulligan (Committee Chair, DAO Program Manager @ SRL)
  • Rohit Kapoor (Product Manager @ SRL)
  • Zachary Kolodny (former SRL, Transient Labs)
  • Chikai Ohazama (Monolith Gallery)

GR2 Priorities

Grants focussing on expanding minting and listing capabilities, open data infrastructure, protocol functionality, on-chain governance, education, and legal innovation will be prioritized. Our ideal grant would minimize SuperRare Labs dependencies, possibly through the development of discrete interfaces independent from https://superrare.com which optimize for interoperability with Rare Protocol.

  • Increase accessibility, versatility, and adoption of the protocol through front-end tooling, education, documentation, legal innovation, open-data systems, and minting tools
  • Development of reputation systems and sybil defense mechanisms
  • Improvements to the Spaces platform, protocol, and related tooling
  • Development of minting and listing formats that expand what’s possible within the SuperRare network

Hey @Brennan - is a list of GR1 grantees available now? Seems pretty straightforward for transparency’s sake, thanks.

Check out the details here - Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

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For clarity, the Grants Program was implemented from the result of the community governance process under this SIP | Can the Devs Do Something (RARE)?

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