Basic questions abt DAOs and Blockchains

Dear fellows, dear members of this forum!

I may first introduce myself, before I adress some relevant questions. 1st day here.

Now nearby 6 decades on our beautiful planet I have a background by using the Internet since 30 years, professionally. During the hype in the 90s when ecommerce started blooming, I was consultant for straregic marketing to service international corporations fir Virtual brand building. Since 2004 I am more active in the social segment and health care sector.
As captain of sea for commercial sailing ships and media producer and cultural journalist for radio (educational formats) in different countries in Europe actually I am in the project developement for an international cooperative (= equivalent of a virtual Dao). So far so good …

Here my 1st (but by sure not last) questions:

  1. Which countries in Europe (or outside Europe) accept DAOs as legal form?

  2. Do exist specialized law firms or single attorneys who consult pro-bono for the legal aspects …

(a) registration of a DAO (as legal form), in U.K. or Europe or some crypto friendly countries (e.g. UAE)

(b) contracts for a DAO / Cooperative and its members (e.g. regulations of co-ownerships, share holders, NFT contracts about selling digital assets invlusive intellectual property, copyright issues etc…)

(c) contracting for digital asset management (based on block chain technology, social tokens, NFTs)

  1. (a) Do already exist trustworthy blockchains (under the aspect of security, running costs, gas fees …) and 1st layer tokens (L1) which can be forked as 2nd layer (L2) to establish a DAO and its financial structure (digital assets, share holders, donations) ?

  2. (b) Do exist established platforms for selling digital assets in form of NFTs (e.g. art, content) which can be integrated, linked or at least bridged with DAO specific blockchains?

  3. Are there any role models being calculated for new DAOs, e.g. financial plans, pre-investments, annual costs to learn from?

  4. Do exist countries or any kind of organisations (e.g. trusts, funds) with financing programs, e.g. subsidiaries to bring a DAO as start-up to life ?

I thank u in advance for giving attention to and for ur advices. Hearing from you asap.

Friendly Regards from Netherlands
Cpt. JayR

Little bit while ago I did this post. No single answer yet ? :roll_eyes: