Botto Access Pass for SuperRareDAO

As part of the SuperRare<>BottoDAO token swap, we are releasing Access Passes to the Botto project for holders of 100 $RARE or more.

SuperRareDAO Access Passes are a way to distribute access from the 1M $BOTTO tokens SuperRareDAO hold in their treasury. Total was calculated as if 1,000,000 $BOTTO were staked to generate VP with a logarithmic bonus. At 10,000 minted passes = 175VP daily.


  • Max 10k passes for SuperRareDAO
  • Generates 175 Voting Points/day
  • Provides eligibility to training and curation layers of Botto
  • Provide eligibility to drops and rewards

Pass holders also have access to our incentivized onboarding, basically 1000 $BOTTO worth of bounties for being active voters.

Access Passes start as a ‘blank canvas’, allowing the community of access pass holders to curate the cover of their Access Pass over a four week period. The most voted on fragment will appear on the Access Pass.

To be publicly announced tomorrow, but can mint now quietly: Botto - SuperRare Access Pass


amazing example of meta curation. Thank you Botto! looking forward to helping training Botto with my Access Pass.

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Thanks for the pass. Curious about the possibilities and implementation! Is a great example of collaboration.

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I had some issues trying to mint the pass back in November and just tired again. Is this mint still open? I’m getting 403 on the infura calls.

haven’t seen this issue yet, checking with the team. would help if you can DM me your 0x address to check it out. @hudsonsims on twitter.

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Thank you for looking into it. Will ping you on twitter now.