Botto Access Pass for SuperRareDAO

As part of the SuperRare<>BottoDAO token swap, we are releasing Access Passes to the Botto project for holders of 100 $RARE or more.

SuperRareDAO Access Passes are a way to distribute access from the 1M $BOTTO tokens SuperRareDAO hold in their treasury. Total was calculated as if 1,000,000 $BOTTO were staked to generate VP with a logarithmic bonus. At 10,000 minted passes = 175VP daily.


  • Max 10k passes for SuperRareDAO
  • Generates 175 Voting Points/day
  • Provides eligibility to training and curation layers of Botto
  • Provide eligibility to drops and rewards

Pass holders also have access to our incentivized onboarding, basically 1000 $BOTTO worth of bounties for being active voters.

Access Passes start as a ‘blank canvas’, allowing the community of access pass holders to curate the cover of their Access Pass over a four week period. The most voted on fragment will appear on the Access Pass.

To be publicly announced tomorrow, but can mint now quietly: Botto - SuperRare Access Pass


amazing example of meta curation. Thank you Botto! looking forward to helping training Botto with my Access Pass.

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Thanks for the pass. Curious about the possibilities and implementation! Is a great example of collaboration.

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