Can a StopMotion artist become an SR artist?

Greetings friends!
Stop Motion (clay animation) on SuperRare is represented by only one artist
In the NFT space stop motion artists can be listed on the fingers of two hands, as it is a very rare art.
I am a professional stop motion artist. For more than 10 months I’ve been submitting applications but the result is zero.
I joined the NFT 13 months ago and since then I have had 10 times the quality of my work and my portfolio has improved with every new submission. In total, I have submitted 3 applications. I have tried to contact the supervisors, but it is to no avail for reasons unknown to me.
Is there an opportunity to become a second stop motion artist in the SuperRare space?


Here’s a bit more context on the status of the application process, FYI:


Thank you hope the new system will make verification more transparent and faster!

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Never give up! Keep going I am like a dinosaur in the art world and an artist, giving up was not my thing and never will be. I am successful, yet I failed way more. I focus on my winnings and let go on what I lost. You found your way up here, that’s persistency! I am proud of you.

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Thank you, my friend! All in good time. All that remains is to keep working hard and hoping.