Contacted as being accepted on Superrare as an artist (but it's a fake) :-(

Hello to the artists from the Superrare Community.

I was very happy (and proud!) to learn 3 days ago that my application had been accepted by the Superrare Team :slight_smile: .

Anyway, as I have a few NFTs that I proposed on another platform 3 monthes ago, as a training, today I would like to get all of these on only one platform : the Superrare one of course.
But I don’t know the process : shall I “destroy” them on the other platform ? Or just stop the sale and create another sale here ? Or a transfer from X to Superrare is possible ? I am a bit confused to know which method is possible and the best, to see these NFTs present on the Superrare platform very soon?

Thank you for your help.

Big disappointment, I think I was the victim of a fake. I received this message 3 days ago, from “[email protected]” (I didn’t realised first that it was an “.ac” email :frowning: )

The first message was :

*Hello @Xxxxx, *
You are now officially registered as an artist on SuperRare!
SuperRare is the marketplace to Create, collect and trade unique, single-edition digital artworks. Each artwork is authentically created by an artist in the network, and tokenized as a crypto-collectible digital item that you can own and trade.
Reply with link to your verified Twitter to receive invite and create your smart contract to start minting NFTs as an artist on SuperRare.
Visit SuperRare | CryptoArt | NFT Art Marketplace | Digital Art
for more Information.

The second message was :

Hello @Xxxxx
You can now proceed with invite below and pay SuperRare gas fee to create your smart contract and continue to SuperRare to start minting Nfts as a creator.
You can also collect NFTs on SuperRare using Auctions, Offers and Buy Now.

With a link to pay 147$. Well… Very very bad news. Of course I didn’t pay. But I’ve burnt my 9 NFTs on rarible, that I wanted to transfer to Superrare… Bad bad idea…

Hope news from Superrare will go in a better way in the future…

Hi @Smaro Sorry to hear about your experience with the scam. Scams are very rampant in the space. Always reach out to the community or support to verify if it is official. We have a post on Discord providing some tips and security that you can view here: Discord

Not so grave. I didn’t pay anything as the fact for asking me for money aroused my suspicions. Fortunately…

Sadder is the disappointment of still not being accepted onto Superrare. My “art”, if I can say so, which is simple, organic and sometimes luminous, suffers and dies slowly from remaining in the shadows of folders…