Establishing Space Race Curation Parameters, Governance Methods, and Procedures

Establishing Space Race Curation Parameters, Governance Methods, and Procedures

Author: John Crain
Status: Draft
SuperRare Proposal Number: 1
Tags: Curation, Space Race


The high number of incredibly competitive Space Race applications and community questions around voting procedures has convinced the SuperRare DAO Governance Council (the “Council”) to iterate on its initial plan only to whitelist two (2) Spaces per month and to set forth updated governance procedures for the Space Race. In an effort to ensure efficient and optimal decision-making related to carrying out future Space Races, the Council seeks discretion in order to act in the best interest of the network when determining methods, tooling, administrative, and other procedural aspects of the Space Race applications, process and governance.

Proposal Summary

The Council is proposing for $RARE token holder consideration, discussion, and approval:

  • To establish a Space Race curation parameter enabling the Council to whitelist up to ten (10) community-supported Space Operators per month
  • To establish updated governance procedures for the Space Race, contemplating a new tooling method to enable more direct community curation, soft quorum requirements to facilitate early network governance, and to give the Council sufficient flexibility to take an iterative approach to decentralized governance

Proposal Specifications

Space Race Curation Parameter

Instead of the originally planned maximum of two (2) whitelisted Spaces per month, the Council shall be authorized to whitelist up to ten (10) Spaces per month based on the level of community engagement, democratic support, and demand demonstrated for each respective Space Race.

Space Race Governance Procedures & Tooling

Going forward, the Council proposes the following governance procedures, methods, and reservation of authority concerning the SuperRare Space Race:

  • The Council shall propose for $RARE token voting any number of timely, valid, and notable Space Race applications based upon its curatorial discretion and community sentiment. With respect to only the first Space Race, all timely applications will be put forth for a public vote to reward early participants and to enable more direct control over the earliest decentralization of curation for SuperRare Network.
  • To conduct the Space Race and determine winners using a real-time, leaderboard-style voting method, such as the kind provided by the Mirror Token Race. The Council currently expects to whitelist the top five (5) Spaces for SR#1. Non-winning Space Race participants may be automatically included in the next Space Race, subject to the Council’s discretion.
  • To establish temporary, soft voting and quorum requirements for Space Race-related governance proposals, which shall require a majority Snapshot vote (or subsequent participation in an actual Space Race) from or by at least 1% of the total $RARE token supply. There shall be no strict quorum requirement or required voter turn out for the actual Space Race itself. Quorum requirements should be viewed as experimental, expected to change based on new information, and may be ignored if a given proposal is approved by an overwhelming majority of participating voters (e.g. unanimous consent), especially as the Council works to understand, optimize, and specialize early network governance.
  • In order to support an iterative and flexible approach to Space Race governance, the Council shall be permitted the continued authority and discretion to act in the best interests of the DAO to modify and/or further develop Space Race governance tooling, methods, quorum requirements, procedural/substantive application requirements, procedures, promotion, and other implementation details from time to time. The Council shall, of course, not be authorized to unilateral modify on-chain Space Race curation parameters without community approval.

Space Race Schedule

The Space Race procedural schedule and timing may change from time to time, subject to the discretion of the Council as needed to ensure a successful voting experience and maintain a high quality of eligible candidates. The Council makes no absolute guarantees as to the exact frequency of subsequent Space Races - as the administrative, technical and logistical requirements for onboarding winning Spaces are still unknown - but will to the best of its ability attempt to coordinate at least one (1) Space Race per month as soon as is logistically feasible.

Community Comment Period

The Council desires the community’s feedback, questions, comments, and concerns. Accordingly, the Council has launched a new governance topic on the forum where community members can voice their opinions, suggest revisions to this Proposal, or begin creating other advisory proposals for consideration by the Council.

The Council will permit a 7-day comment period for this Proposal, including a governance Town Hall featuring at least one Council member to facilitate the collection of feedback about this Proposal and any important questions that may affect governance of the DAO generally.

Some Resources

Space Race #1 [Submit Space Race Proposals HERE]

The Space Race


I’m supportive of making SuperRare more inclusive ASAP and love the idea of expanding from 2 spaces to 5 spaces (and up to 10 per month depending on quality).

Once we get this first vote done and spaces going I hope to see us start getting aggressive on using RARE for growth on initiatives like an artist mint fund, apps, etc


I too am interested in more inclusivity. Lean towards opening up Spaces to as many projects as demand can support.


Very much in favor of bumping community whitelist of space operators from two (2) up to ten (10) per month. :fire:

| To conduct the Space Race and determine winners using a real-time, leaderboard-style voting method, such as the kind provided by the Mirror Token Race.

^ Yes, love this dynamic in particular. Think it will work well for engaging/rallying the community around each ongoing Space Race. Also in favor of seeing participants automatically included in the next Space Race to avoid any friction to participating in future races.


I’m definitely in favor of this. Thanks for putting together this proposal.

I like what I’m hearing here. For me, it’s not just about the act of including but it is also about cultivating and/or building culture. To that end, I would love to see a regular round table where space holders can have an exchange. I would like to understand how it all shapes up as a whole and consider programming that fills some overlooked gaps for added value.

Also, the collector trends rapidly change, both in taste and modality, and it would be ideal to become a leading force in shaping those trends rather than following them. is there space for that in this process?

Coming off of NFTNYC and experiencing their approach, SearchLight will be doing an artists/creative-centered summit in Spring 2022, where we will continue to cultivate, share, grow, and educate - all the things. It would be great to include this initiative and showcase what gets born out of this.

All you smart people are making my heart warm. Thanks!

JenJoy Roybal

The decision to up the number of Spaces from 2 to (up to) 10 per month is a no brainer.

The more Spaces, the easier it will be to see that SuperRare is putting curation into the hands of the community.

I know this vote already passed, but wanted to signal my individual support as someone who was thrilled with the first round of Space Race applications!