Improve the online experience

There are essential things to greatly improve in the online experience

The loading time of the page is too long, it makes it very difficult and frustrating to navigate between the different pieces of the artists. It creates frustration, I don’t have the statistics, but it pushes the user to leave the web, instead of spending time on it browsing it and discovering new works and artists.

Another improvement is a dark mode that will help the user feel comfortable investigating the web, in addition to the previous point of its use being more fluid.

Finally, I think that 99% of humans use mobile devices, a simple integration through a Superare APP that made it easy to connect with metamask or ledger live. Integrations of surperrare in ledger live, or superapps like Zerion.

All these improvements and many others that may be added along the way would help position SUPERRARE with the quintessential NFT art market.

It would be interesting to open the discussion regarding these topics and commission a team to take care of it. I believe that the fruits of these improvements would be seen in the short term.


Agreed all around @Michael