Introducing Wildfire - scaling governance & Fire Eyes contribution

gm Everyone,

I would like to introduce you to Wildfire DAO, an extension of Fire Eyes, which was created by James Waugh, Coopahtroopa, 0xLucas, and gladstonecallum, all of whom were involved in DAOs since its inception.

Fire Eyes pioneered the playbook for DAO collaboration and governance participation, demonstrating a vital role in the launches of ENS, Gitcoin, and SuperRare, as well as play a consistently active role in a number of projects across web3, and are governance stewards for Aave, Balancer, and Rocket Pool. In order to scale these contributions, Wildfire DAO was created.

Wildfire DAO is a meta-governance initiative to connect and align community members from across the ecosystem, creating community-focused working groups to tackle token design, governance and coordination problems in an open and collaborative manner. Wildfire avoids the formation of governance silos that exist within protocols and sees the forest through the trees by acting as a diplomatic meta-governance layer between them.

The growing team of Wildfire contributors help projects in a variety of ways including governance design, tokenomics, strategic partnerships, community building and overall governance. For example, Wildfire DAO members are already active doing the daily work of:

  • Connecting with the core teams/contributors on a recurring basis, further strengthening a project’s core contributors to their community.
  • Writing proposals to participate in governance through the creation, discussion and execution of projects with core teams.
  • Updating the wider Wildfire network including product updates, governance proposals and general strategy.
  • Participating in community calls and project communications to ensure Wildfire is represented in all communication for a given category.
  • Experimenting with DAO governance within Wildfire to improve the processes used within FE and Wildfire to uncover and share useful approaches
  • Working alongside new projects to empower Wildfire squads to design & boost projects.

As representatives of Wildfire - we are seeking to join the SuperRare community to provide valuable input and direction, when possible, and aid in the building/fostering of (organization/protocol) mission and long-term roadmap. We wish to contribute in a meaningful manner that provides demonstrable results and gives quality feedback. As a DAO, we adhere to a strict web3 ethos of openness, community driven, and collaborative approach as our guiding values, and seek to provide this value to the SuperRare community.


hello everyone :wave: it’s great to be here, I’m also with Wildfire DAO. As Jaris posted, we’re eager to roll up our sleeves and provide meaningful contributions to the community as we ride the wave that is the current state of the market. We are eager to help provide an additional pair of eyes where needed and find ways to build and generate new value for the platform and your vibrant community.

Looking forward to a bright future together!


Hey there, M here from the same Wildfire squad :fire::fire:

Indeed looking forward to working with SuperRare and helping this kickass platform reach its full potential!


Great to meet you guys and excited to see you jumping into the forums! We’ve got a bi-weekly town hall where we discuss up coming SIPS and anything else that’s on the communities mind. Would love to see you at the next one on July 20th 2pm ET!


Nice to meet you @SuperRareJohn we’ll be there! Looking forward to speaking with you and the SuperRare community.

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