Nomination Instructions for the 2024 RareDAO Council Election

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2024 Update: The 2024 nomination phase has now closed, and this post will be locked to preserve a historical record of the election’s state.

The list of confirmed candidates along with the net votes cast upon them (for - against) is as follows:

  • Paper Buddha - 4.93 million
  • John Crain - 4.91 million
  • Duncan Dobbelmann - 4.39 million
  • Emma Joelle Johnson - 4.34 million
  • Simon Hudson - 2.93 million
  • Gordon Berger - 2.48 million


In this post, you will find all the information that you need to self-nominate for the 2024 RareDAO Council election. Please see this post for more information about the election process as a whole: 2024 RareDAO Council Election Announcement

Attention: The nomination phase is open to all community members who own or have staked at least 1 $RARE. Only candidates who receive 1.5 million votes on their nomination proposal will proceed to the final election. Nominations are open now through Tuesday, January 23rd at 9am EST. If a candidate does not follow the below instructions clearly they may disqualify themselves from inclusion. As such, carefully adhering to the self-nomination instructions provided below will be critical to ensuring the success of your campaign.

Replies to this thread should only contain filled out nomination questionnaires. Any questions or commentary around the nomination and election process should be directed towards the announcement post or to the #dao-chat channel in the SuperRare Discord server, tagging Brennan, Ed, Dan, or Lauren.

Please make sure that the email you used to register your account on this forum is up to date. We will use it to contact you if you are elected.

Self-nomination instructions

The nomination phase is now underway, and will remain open until January 23rd at 9am EST. To nominate yourself as a candidate, follow these steps:

Step 1: Reply to this post with your nomination profile

Copy paste the following template into a forum reply on this post and fill in all relevant information.

* **Link to Snapshot** (hyperlink in step 3, after creating your proposal)
* **Preferred name:**
* **Ethereum address / ENS name:**
* **Country of residence:**
* **Relevant social links / NFT marketplace profiles:**
* **Which best describes your role in the crypto art ecosystem?**
  * **Select:** Artist, Collector, Curator, and/or Builder
  * **Provide more details:**
* **Please share any relevant experience in line with the council’s responsibilities and scope.**
* **What do you believe are the DAO’s most pressing priorities, and how would you contribute to them if elected?**

Step 2: Create your nomination proposal

Create a snapshot proposal in the RareDAO Council Nominations space here. In order to create a proposal, you will need to be connected with a wallet that contains at least 1 $RARE. This is required by Snapshot to prevent spam proposals. If you do not already own $RARE, you can get some on major centralized exchanges or on Uniswap.

For the title of your proposal, please use the following template: [2024 Council Nomination] Your Preferred Name

For the description of your proposal, please copy paste your nomination profile from Step 1 - excluding the “Link to snapshot” field. In order to ensure the best formatting, click the pencil icon beneath your forum response to open edit mode and copy the unformatted markdown text displayed on the left, then paste it into the “Description” field on Snapshot.

For the “Discussion” field, please paste a direct link to your nomination profile, which can be obtained by clicking the chain icon beneath your reply.

For the “Voting” settings, please select “Basic Voting” from the type dropdown and leave the choices unchanged.

For the “Voting Period” settings, please leave the start time set to “now”, and set the end time to your local timezone’s equivalent of January 23rd at 9am EST. For help converting your local timezone to Eastern Standard Time (EST), I recommend this tool.

Once all of the above has been completed, please double check that everything has been entered correctly and then click “Publish”.

Step 3: Add snapshot proposal to your nomination profile

Once your snapshot proposal has been created, please copy the proposal’s URL and then hyperlink it in the “Link to Snapshot” line of your nomination profile on the forum. In order to edit your forum response, you will need to click the pencil icon displayed underneath it and to the right.

What happens next?

Once you’ve successfully followed the steps to self-nominate, you should use your connections within the community to campaign for 1.5 million votes on your snapshot proposal. When nomination voting ends on January 23rd at 9am EST, all candidates with over 1.5 million votes on their proposal will be included in a final election proposal in the DAO’s primary snapshot space, using the approval voting strategy. The election vote will begin at 4pm EST on January 23rd and end at 4pm EST on January 30th, more information about the election vote and transfer of power can be found here.

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Name: Mr. Bahama

  • Snapshot Link
  • Ethereum Address / ENS Name: mrbahama.eth
  • Country of Residence: USA
  • Social Links & NFT Marketplace Profiles: Twitter

Role in the Crypto Art Ecosystem:

Role: Builder, Curator, & Collector

Professional Journey:

  • Ernst & Young (EY): I was a member of EY’s Enterprise Blockchain Team, focusing on product development for high-profile enterprise clients such as Microsoft, specifically for optimizing royalty payments on the XBOX Marketplace.

  • Decentraland Contribution: Played a role in the Initial Land Offering, contributing to the Decentraland Museum District and other key districts, focusing on artist curation and artwork showcase.

  • UMA: As a Product Manager, I was instrumental in developing, a top cross-chain asset transfer protocol with 4+ billionin bridging volume, ranked among the top two bridge options by aggregators 98% of the time,and an average of $13M in daily bridge volume.

  • TreasureDAO: I lead product at TreasureDAO, the largest and first web3 gaming ecosystem on arbitrum where the Treasure Marketplace conducted $264M in marketplace volume and was the 2nd highest grossing marketplace alongside OpenSea in early 2022

Alignment with Council Responsibilities:

  • Product Development in Web3: Over 7 years of experience, with a focus on problem-solving, strategy formulation, and community engagement.

  • Governance and Decentralization: Proven expertise in creating and implementing UMA Improvement Proposals, managing DAO treasuries, and optimizing governance processes with an emphasis on decentralization.

  • Sub-DAO Management and Strategy: My role in managing sub-DAOs aligns with the aim of ensuring transparency and efficiency in SuperRare’s operations while striving for a setup that enables Superrare to be open and decentralized.

SuperRare High-Level Problem & Solution:

Problem: It’s hard to discover and curate high value art in a, fair and open way
Proposed Solution: A gamified escalation game for discovering and curating high-value artwork.

In web3 product development, frame a strategy around creating new types of jobs that did not exist before. Blockchains are a coordination tool shaped by incentive structures. The future of work is on-chain, where micro-creators collaborate within a network to collectively achieve goals. In SRs case, our goal is to decentrally curate a high value art marketplace.

Proposed Network Actors

  • Artists: The creators and the core of SuperRare, providing unique digital art.
  • Connoisseurs: Evaluators influencing artwork visibility through RARE token staking.
  • Buyers/Sellers: Facilitators of art trade, critical to the platform’s marketplace dynamics.
  • Marketers (Space Curators & User Generated Content Creators): Combining artistic sensibility with strategic marketing to enhance artwork visibility.

Proposed Strategy

1. Create an Public Good Art Registry

  • Initial Step: Artists start by registering their digital artwork on the art registry.
  • Objective: To make their work discoverable to a global audience and eligible for curation and sale.

2. Artwork Evaluation by Connoisseurs

  • Action: Once the artwork is live on the art registry, connoisseurs – art enthusiasts and experts on the platform – are incentivized to begin their evaluation process.
  • Mechanism: They stake RARE tokens on the artwork to signal its quality. influencing its visibility on the platform.
  • Engagement: Connoisseurs can also provide insights or comments about why they value or critique the art, adding depth to the evaluation.

3. RARE Token Rewards and Artist Advancement

  • Result of Staking: The amount and positivity of RARE staked on an artist’s work influence the artist’s standing on the platform.
  • Escalation Path: As artists receive more positive staking, they earn RARE tokens, which helps them progress to more prestigious levels on SuperRare, gaining greater visibility and credibility.

4. Creation and Curation of Spaces by Curators

  • Role of Space Curators: Individuals who wish to curate collections or specific themes within SuperRare can become Space Curators.
  • Requirements: This role requires staking a certain amount of RARE tokens or having an equivalent amount staked on their curator profile.
  • Function: Space Curators create thematic or stylistic “spaces” on SuperRare, showcasing selected works and helping market artists work

5. User-Generated Content (UGC) and Marketing Initiatives

  • Platform for Marketing: Space Curators and other users can engage in marketing artists’ work through User-Generated Content, enhancing the visibility and sales potential of the artwork.
  • Incentivization: Performance-based rewards are offered for effective UGC that helps in promoting and selling artwork.

6. Art Discovery and Connoisseur Specialization

  • User Engagement: Users on the platform can filter and discover artwork based on their preferences and the recommendations of connoisseurs or artists.Users filter by connoisseur’s they like.
  • Specialization: Some connoisseurs may specialize in certain types of artwork, guiding users to discover art that aligns with their tastes.

7. Economic Ecosystem

  • Revenue Sharing: When an artwork sells, the artist, the connoisseur who staked on it, and the space curator involved all receive rewards in the form of $RARE, creating a collaborative economic model.

Addressing DAO’s Priorities:

Key Priority: Developing a decentralized protocol for curating high-value artwork in an open, fair and transparent way

My Contribution to addressing the priority: Aligning with the community on the strategy outlined above, adjust where needed, and manage execution.


Role: Builder, Creator, and Collector

  • I work on the Growth Team of SuperRare Labs, the company behind both SuperRare and Rare Protocol, helping to position both as key players in revolutionizing the economics of human creativity. Specifically, I support strategic communications, project management, partnerships, events, and public relations.

Relevant experience:

  • In addition to my role at SuperRare Labs, I sit on the Board of Directors of a grassroots nonprofit in Liberia called Universal Outreach and contribute to SheFi as a City Chapter Lead, a project offering education and community to women in web3.

  • Previously, I worked at Wachsman, a web3 PR and strategic consulting firm, with clients such as Cronos, Venly, and Improbable. This role offered the opportunity to gain a deep and broad understanding of the web3 ecosystem - from NFTs, to infrastructure, to layer-1s, to marketplaces, to metaverse projects and many in between.

What do you believe are the DAO’s most pressing priorities, and how would you contribute to them if elected?

RareDAO is the backbone of our community; the arteries, if you will, pumping blood to the different layers of our ecosystem. In order for RareDAO to continue to successfully foster a decentralized, creator-first ecosystem and lead the way in shaping the future of the creator economy, I believe there are two pressing priorities that need to remain a central focus over the next year:

  1. Acceleration of existing projects – RareDAO has a major competitive advantage with two successful projects already underway - SuperRare and Rare Protocol. Together, the two provide a vast, yet intrinsically aligned, community for the DAO. In close partnership with the SuperRare Labs team, RareDAO has the opportunity to help steward the success of these projects by ensuring close, continued oversight of their product development and growth initiatives to maintain strategic alignment.
  2. Ecosystem growth – Through the grants committee, strategic partnerships, user onboarding, and representation at key industry events, RareDAO has an opportunity to attract the best and brightest minds from web3 to contribute to our ecosystem.

If elected, I will work together with SuperRare Labs to support RareDAO in pushing forward both the areas as outlined above with the following:

  1. Acceleration of existing projects – As a SuperRare Labs employee, I am well positioned to help bridge the gap between RareDAO and SuperRare Labs. I believe that SuperRare and Rare Protocol will benefit from a closer proximity to the DAO’s priorities and processes, and RareDAO will be able to better leverage the work being done under the umbrella of SuperRare Labs. This can entail weekly meetings at SuperRare Labs to ensure that our efforts ladder up to the DAO’s initiatives, as well as reporting insights into the efforts of SuperRare Labs back to the DAO.
  2. Ecosystem growth – Through my work at SuperRare Labs and my personal commitment to additional web3 projects and attendance of in-person events, I will work to evangelize the position of RareDAO to:
  • Attract product and brand partnerships
  • Bring builders into the ecosystem
  • Onboard more users to the existing suite of apps in the ecosystem
  • Incentivize grant applications
  • Streamline collaboration between SuperRare Labs and RareDAO

With a deep passion for the power of the web3 creator economy, I am committed to the success of RareDAO, SuperRare, and Rare Protocol. While each project itself is a powerhouse, I believe the three entities working in close concert will offer the strongest foundation for continued long-term growth and success.

  • Link to Snapshot

  • Preferred name: Duncan Dobbelmann

  • Ethereum address / ENS name: duncand.eth

  • Country of residence: United States

  • Relevant social links / NFT marketplace profiles: Rare Protocol; Farcaster; Twitter

  • Which best describes your role in the crypto art ecosystem? Builder

  • Provide more details:

    My co-founder and I (SuperRare’s Keegan Ead) are building a NFT platform on top of Rare Protocol – distinct from SuperRare but expanding the creator economy. We believe that Rare’s novel discovery and curation tools – enabled through staking – are very well-suited to decentralizing traditional creative marketplaces. Full disclosure: We are in the process of securing a grant from the DAO to document building on Rare’s staking mechanism (an important component of the DAO’s renewed vision). We plan to launch in Q2.

  • Please share any relevant experience in line with the council’s responsibilities and scope.

    For the past ~two years I have been writing DAO governance content for Boardroom Labs – primarily in the form of the newsletter This Week in Governance. This has given me a strong sense of governance practices and dynamics across the space. I participated in a few of the early SuperRare DAO community calls and remember well the moment that DAO community governance came into being with SIP 0.

    Prior to Boardroom I had a career in higher education — as an English professor, an academic dean, and a chief communications officer. For over ten years I was a member of senior staff at a liberal arts college that took pride in a progressive approach to its own governance as well as to the education it provided. Throughout that time I was a member of committees (such as the College Steering Committee) with functions very similar to those of the RareDAO Council. For example: I was among a handful of key leaders to shape the college’s mission, drive new curricular offerings, and create new sources of revenue – while staying true to the college’s distinctive ethos.

  • What do you believe are the DAO’s most pressing priorities, and how would you contribute to them if elected?

    1. I believe that the priority for the DAO at this stage is to encourage, review, and approve the integration of other NFT marketplaces with Rare Protocol — to bring to reality the expanded RareDAO Vision. We need to further the experiment by testing the integration of data that will lead to “an open, decentralized discovery and authenticity system” for creators and collectors. Achieving this would be an enormous step forward for the entire ecosystem. The progress we make will also in large part determine the future of the DAO (as I touch on below).

      As someone who is gaining hands-on experience building on and integrating with Rare Protocol – and as someone with a good deal of experience with partnerships in my earlier career – I would look to contribute to and advance any ongoing Rare partnership / integration discussions and bring potential agreements before the DAO as needed.

    2. The expanded vision for the DAO is relatively new. As the partnerships and integrations referred to in the priority above begin to be realized, they will have a major impact on the DAO community and the DAO treasury as more participants join the network. This will mean that supporting the development of both the community and the treasury should also be major areas of Council attention over the coming year – even if it’s hard to know right now what shape that development will take. My broad and deep familiarity with DAO governance should prove helpful in these areas as well.



Preferred name: Paper Buddha
Ethereum address / ENS name:
0xbb85bFF98F145af30BA935Ae4DeD97C7A5Ce9bF2 / paperbuddha.eth
Country of residence: USA

Relevant social links / NFT marketplace profiles:

Which best describes your role in the crypto art ecosystem?

  • Select: Artist, Collector, Curator, and/or Builder
  • Provide more details: Artist / Collector.
  • Digital Collage Artist
  • Gen Art, 3D sculpture and Collage collector across multiple chains

Please share any relevant experience in line with the council’s responsibilities and scope.
I have over 2 decades experience running large corporations, including organizational, operational, and financial management. Was very active in politics for 5 years. Was student government president for 2 terms while in college. I am a big time process and organizational nerd.

What do you believe are the DAO’s most pressing priorities, and how would you contribute to them if elected?
Engaging with partners, creators, builders, and the community at large to popularize the $rare protocol is one of the most pressing and time sensitive priorities currently facing the DAO. The $rare protocol and staking mechanisms need to be better marketed and understood by the web3 community. Integrating more protocol functionality and strategically growing our user base of both artists and collectors is one of the ways we can achieve this. By dedicating time, resources, and careful planning, we can promote initiatives and gain more exposure.

Recentering the SuperRare brand within web3 culture and establishing ourselves as thought leaders should be a top priority. Strengthening our online presence through social audio platforms, like Twitter Spaces, and fostering a more active and engaged community through instant messaging apps like Telegram or Discord are essential steps. Taking a more active role in real-world events is crucial. It proves to be one of the most effective ways to have our message seen and heard in today’s market. Leveraging my vast network and decades of experience, we can organize and run events across the US, ensuring that SuperRare makes a significant impact at web3 events.



Preferred Name: David

Ethereum Address: 0x511da1EB360d13FEC43046f2Be2a561B3A3D910e

Country of Residence: United States

Relevant Social Links:

Which best describes your role in the crypto art ecosystem?

  • Select: Artist, Collector, Curator, and/or Builder

  • Provide more details: Artist & Collector

  • Digital and Graphic Artist

  • 3D Sculpting with Blender, VR Drawing with Gravity Sketch, 2D Drawing with Procreate, Generative and AI Art

  • Collected multiple art pieces across different blockchains including Ethereum, BTC Ordinals, Solana, and Polygon

Please share any relevant experience in line with the council’s responsibilities and scope.
Professionally, I have experience running my own Real Estate business. That includes communication, negotiating, and management of teams. It also includes managing escrow accounts and finances which would directly translate into the responsibilities with the DAO Treasury. In addition to completing a Bachelor’s Degree, I also served as Greek Council President and Student Congress Senator at my University.

What do you believe are the DAO’s most pressing priorities, and how would you contribute to them if elected?
I believe the DAO has two pressing priorities. The first is implementing Rare Protocol with other NFT marketplaces and blockchains. The DAO is currently already working on that as outlined in this RFC, and I think we should continue in this direction. I would help provide my experiences as an artist to explain which chains we should build on first. With the number of other blockchains and EVM Layer 2s, we must build on the best ones.

I also think we have a great foundation with SuperRare and must continue improving that platform. Specifically with onboarding new artists and collectors. The current process for onboarding new artists is clunky and does not scale to a wide audience. It is also very centralized which is the opposite of what we want as a DAO. Streamlining that process while keeping high-quality art and artists, is crucial to SuperRare and Rare Protocols’ success. Onboarding new collectors is also very important for long-term growth. As a DAO we must key in on marketing, ads, and other tactics so that we keep seeing new collectors in the marketplace.

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Snapshot Prop

Preferred name
Simon Hudson

Ethereum address / ENS name
0x2Fb523a295a3b194Ee24Dc358BA98865E61Af6DE / hudsonsims.eth

Country of residence

Relevant social links & NFT marketplace profiles

Which best describes your role in the crypto art ecosystem?
Artist Builder, I am co-lead of the Botto project

Relevant experience in line with the council’s responsibilities and scope.

  • Working on Botto has me developing and thinking about decentralized governance in the context of art every day. Botto’s own set up of having a DAO vote on and guide the direction of an autonomous artist’s development has many parallels with the Rare protocol. We deal with the challenges of balancing plutocratic conviction with long-tail democratic consensus as it applies to finding culturally-impactful works.
  • We are in a long-term process of progressive decentralization, where some parts of the BottoDAO that governs Botto is fully decentralized while many other parts are still heavily centralized. Aside from Botto I have over 17 years of experience in community-governed organizations, and I have become very comfortable with the idea that full decentralization of social and cultural organizations takes a long time. However, it starts by having the initial (centralized) leadership leading by example and consensus to discover and lay the foundation of the guiding principles for the organization. Much of my work is developing and writing proposals in conjunction with the community and ensuring what we put forward has strong popular consensus.
  • My professional background prior to Botto is in science/tech communications and branding, helping organizations to refine and communicate their core purpose in a simple way. My goal on the council would be to help navigate that discovery of the core purpose and values of the protocol through supporting key projects that manifest and test those ideas.
  • Conflicts: I want to also state that I retain my core responsibility to the Botto project and BottoDAO, so I will be proactive in pointing out anywhere that may be a conflict for my role on the council and abstain on relevant issues.

What do you believe are the DAO’s most pressing priorities, and how would you contribute to them if elected?

  • I see confusion about the mission and interests of the protocol. Their are perceived conflicts and distractions, and it is imperative to simplify the brand perception through key activities and messaging.
    Below are two areas of activity I would highlight to this end, and I would contribute to the oversight of developing a simple protocol mission that can attract widespread adoption and buy-in.

  • I believe it is critical to build the potential for the $RARE protocol beyond the crypto art market. Being successful in the art market will be a powerful case study, but we must build ahead for going beyond this niche. Extreme simplification of the experience and participation is necessary.
    I would advocate for clear narrative and keeping simple dynamics. I don’t know who to quote on this, but: complex dynamics can emerge organically from simple parameters; complex parameters are lucky to even see simple dynamics emerge.

  • The protocol must build credible neutrality if it expects adoption among platforms that perceive a competitive disadvantage in using it. The biggest opportunity is in activating the $30M in treasury to build up the ecosystem through public goods funding and establishing sustainable infrastructures and institutions to support long-term growth.
    I would help in connecting with builders eager to make good use of those funds to build a new generation of art institutions.

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Link to Snapshot

Preferred name: Gordon Berger

Ethereum address / ENS name: gordonberger.eth

Country of residence: Portugal

Social links/NFT marketplace profiles:



Website/NFT Marketplace Links

Role: Artist, Collector and Advisor

Provide more details:

Since late 2011 have been involved in the crypto ecosystem, running a mining operation and exploring the use of blockchain as an artistic medium, and its ever-evolving output in our contemporary world.

In early 2018 gave the earliest TEDx talk on CryptoArt & NFTs at the Museum of London.

The following year had a NFT solo-exhibition in New York of the first NFTs ever materialized from digital into physical reality – The ‘Solidity’ & ‘Materiality’ Series (2018/19). As one of the earliest explorations of smart-contract enabled Generative Art projects (pre-dating Autoglyphs).

As a graduate of Central Saint Martins University in London, and The Belgrade School of Design, I have dedicated my career to documenting the evolution of art merging with algorithms, impactful distribution channels and networks - while continuously contributing to building a new digital art ecosystem.

Relevant experience in line with the council’s responsibilities and scope:

  • Exploring the use of smart contracts and ERC721 tokens as a medium, led me to be one of the earliest artists to start tokenizing on SuperRare in 2018. Therefore, being present and supporting the evolution of SuperRare through the years provided me with a unique perspective and understanding of diverse perspectives, challenges and needs of creators, collectors, and builders in the ecosystem.

  • Contributed to the earliest Generative Art Platform on the blockchain.

  • Working with multiple organizations, groups and DAOs as a strategic consultant and web3 advisor.

  • Was selected by Christie’s London EDU, as an expert in the web3 field, to be the sole leader of the Christie’s course on: NFTs, Blockchain, & The Metaverse.

  • Experience in mechanism design for complex decentralized reputation and curation systems

  • Contributed to the development of the Rare Protocol as the Executive Strategic Advisor

What do you believe are the DAO’s most pressing priorities, and how would you contribute to them if elected?

  • Onboarding new participants in the ecosystem by utilizing the grants committee program and aligning with the right people in the community through strategic partnerships.

  • Therefore, developing defined systems for incentivization of diverse types of contributors that might be a good fit to the Rare Protocol and providing all the important information in an accessible and clear format.

  • Spreading the awareness of the impactful aspects of the protocol through diverse educational content, continuous engagement with the community and participation in relevant events globally.

  • Define a strategy to increase the number of builders applying for the grants.

  • Implementing new methods of increasing the number of users of the Rare Protocol while actively compiling the feedback from the current user base.

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* Link to Snapshot *

  • Preferred name: John Crain
  • Ethereum address / ENS name: superrarejohn.eth
  • Country of residence: USA
  • Relevant social links / NFT marketplace profiles:
    SuperRare Collection

Which best describes your role in the crypto art ecosystem?

  • Builder, creator, collector
  • Provide more details: I’m one of the co-founders of SuperRare and have spent the past 5 years dedicated to the growth of the NFT ecosystem and collecting digital art

Please share any relevant experience in line with the council’s responsibilities and scope.

  • I’m a co-founder of SuperRare Labs and contributed to the designed and implementation of the first couple versions of the product and protocol.

  • I served on the genesis council and helped to structure the RareDAO and governance process.

  • I have extensive experience in art, crypto, web3 and DAO governance in general.

What do you believe are the DAO’s most pressing priorities, and how would you contribute to them if elected?

  • There are three main priorities for the DAO.

  • The first priority is figuring out how to scale SuperRare. In my opinion one of the best ways to do this is via a decentralized verification system for creators. Using $RARE staking we can build a peer to peer reputation system that would allow us to scale while maintaining a high level of quality and increase transparency. As one of the architects of the RARE staking system I’m well suited to help push it forward.

  • Second, the DAO needs to continue building out the Rare Protocol to allow other developers to build and contribute to our ecosystem. All the smart contracts in the protocol are open source, however, we have not properly documented them. By investing in documentation and grants we’re well positioned to foster a robust developer community that will contribute to network growth.

  • Third, the DAO needs to figure out a system for on-going RARE distribution. Most of the RARE has been sitting in the treasury unused. While this is good in that the RARE hasn’t been used frivolously, this is a competitive space and we should be actively putting these tokens to work and get them in the hands of the community and developers.

  • As a council member I would continue to dedicate all of my time and energy into pushing these initiatives forward and serving the community.

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