2024 RareDAO Council Election Announcement

Join the RareDAO Council: Shape the Future of the Web3 Creator Economy

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming elections for the RareDAO Council. This is a pivotal step in our journey towards a decentralized, transparent, and community-driven governance model. We invite passionate, visionary individuals to step forward and help shape the future of the web3 creator economy. Below you will find essential information about running for the council, the council’s mission, the nomination process, which kicks off on January 16th, and the overall election timeline. Please limit discussion on this post to questions and feedback about the election process as a whole, and refrain from campaigning for yourself or others.

TL;DR: Nominations for the council election will open on Tuesday January 16th. On that day, a separate post will be created with specific instructions. Candidates will self-nominate by posting answers to a questionnaire on the forum and creating their own snapshot proposal which will determine whether they are included on the final ballot (more info here). On Tuesday January 23rd, the formal election will be conducted, ranking nominees via approval voting. Voting will last for one week. The five candidates with the most votes will undergo KYC and regulatory checks with the RareDAO Foundation prior to a transition of power in February.

Why Run for the Council?

The existing council has generously served on an entirely volunteer basis for over two years, attending monthly meetings, contributing to the SIP process, and hopping on countless sidebar and one-on-one calls. The DAO owes them a great debt for this dedication. Moving forward, we believe that council members should be compensated for their time and dedication. As such, the DAO recently voted to approve monthly compensation, paid in $RARE, equivalent to $1k USD per month.

Money, however, is not sufficient motivation alone for the task ahead. We need candidates who believe in this community’s untapped potential deep down, who believe this inspired group of artists and technologists has the collective intelligence to transform the art world, and believe in their own potential to lead us down that road. Joining the RareDAO Council means being at the forefront of change in the web3 space. Council members have the unique opportunity to:

  • Drive initiatives that foster a decentralized, creator-first ecosystem.
  • Influence the strategic direction of RareDAO and the broader creator economy.
  • Collaborate closely with leaders in blockchain and digital art, DAO governance, and protocol development.

The Council’s Mission & Responsibilities

At the heart of RareDAO’s governance, the council plays a pivotal role in steering our collective journey. The Council’s mission is to steward the DAO’s strategy, resources, and technology in service of its continued growth and development. As a council member, your responsibilities are profound and impactful. They include:

  • Oversight of RareDAO Multi-Sig: You will have direct involvement in managing the DAO multi-sig, which holds the entire treasury and owns all protocol contracts. This responsibility is central to the financial and operational integrity of RareDAO.
  • Control Over Rare Protocol Contracts: Council members have the authority to oversee all upgrade permissions for Rare Protocol contracts. This key role ensures the security and continuous improvement of our underlying technological framework.
  • Implementation of SuperRare Improvement Proposals (SIPs): You will play a critical part in implementing and supervising the governance process, facilitating the strategic and operational decisions that shape RareDAO.
  • Management of Stewardship Teams: RareDAO’s structure includes sub-groups with delegated authority, such as the Grants Committee and DAO Ops Stewards. Collaboration with and oversight of these core contributors ensures continued growth and operational efficiency.
  • Strategic Decision Making: As a council member, your insights and decisions will significantly influence the future of RareDAO and the broader web3 creator economy. You will work closely with SuperRare Labs and the RareDAO Foundation to shape the DAO and Protocol’s future.

Election Process Overview

The election will occur over two phases, one composed of non-competitive nomination votes, and one final election to determine the final council composition. This process is heavily inspired by that used by ENS, though it has been refined and modified in consultation with the RareDAO Council, Foundation, and Hats Protocol, who are providing on-chain infrastructure for the transfer of power and ongoing operations.

Timeline and Key Dates

January 16th: Nomination instructions posted to forum, nomination formally begins.

January 23rd: Nomination window closes; election phase begins.

January 30th: Election phase ends, KYC process and confirmation phase begins.

February 17th: Current deadline for the announcement of new council members and transition of power (may be extended by unanimous council vote).

Nomination Phase (Jan 16th - 23rd)

Starting on Tuesday January 16th, candidates may self nominate by posting answers to the following questionnaire on the forum and as a proposal in a dedicated Snapshot space. Exact instructions on both of these steps will be provided on Jan 16th. If a candidate’s snapshot proposal gets more than 1,500,000 votes (denominated in $RARE), then they will be included in the final snapshot proposal which determines the council’s composition. Each candidate will have a separate proposal, which makes the voting non-competitive (i.e. each voter may vote for multiple candidates, applying their entire voting power to each candidate).

In order to help would-be candidates prepare for nomination, the nomination questionnaire is provided below.

  • Preferred name
  • Ethereum address / ENS name
  • Country of residence*
  • Relevant social links & NFT marketplace profiles
  • Which best describes your role in the crypto art ecosystem?
    • Select: Artist, Collector, Curator, Builder
    • Provide more details:
  • Please share any relevant experience in line with the council’s responsibilities and scope.
  • What do you believe are the DAO’s most pressing priorities, and how would you contribute to them if elected?

* Included for the sake of determining which regulatory jurisdictions would be represented by the new council, which may be valuable information for voters.

Election Phase (Jan 23rd - 30th)

All of the candidates who received more than 1,500,000 votes on their nomination proposal will be included on the election ballot. The election ballot will be voted on in the DAO’s primary Snapshot space using the approval voting strategy. In approval voting, voters select any number of candidates from the list that they would like to support and each selected candidate receives votes equal to the voter’s $RARE balance. In other words, votes are not split between selected candidates - they all receive 100% of your voting power. Once voting is complete, candidates will be ranked based on the number of votes received. The five candidates with the most votes will proceed to the confirmation phase for KYC and regulatory checks by the RareDAO Foundation.

Confirmation Phase (Jan 30th - Feb 17th)

The RareDAO Foundation will work with each eligible candidate to obtain the required KYC information and sign service agreements which provide liability protection. If candidates cannot supply this information or are otherwise found to compromise the regulatory position of the DAO and/or Foundation, the Director may forfeit their spot to the next highest ranking candidate in the election vote.

Transfer of Power (no later than Feb 17th)

Once 5 candidates from the election process have passed confirmation, the Foundation director and collaborators from SRL will facilitate the transfer of power to change multi-sig ownership and related responsibilities. If unexpected blockers arise, the current council (who preceded the election) may allow for more time by unanimously approving an extension.

Conclusion and Next Steps

This election is a cornerstone event for RareDAO. We encourage everyone who shares our vision of a decentralized, empowering future for the web3 creator economy to participate. Your involvement is key, whether you are nominating, voting, or spreading the word. For a detailed breakdown of the election process, please keep your eyes on the forum and review the council proposal ratifying this process. Note there may be some inconsistencies as minor changes have been made since the vote.

The election process will officially begin on January 16th with a forum post with instructions detailing how candidates can self nominate. In the meantime, please post any general questions about the process or DAO council as replies to this thread.

We eagerly anticipate a diverse range of candidates and the vibrant future we will build together!


NOTE: This John Doe profile serves as a template and guide line to submitting your candidacy for the Council Election.

Proposal submission must be submitted here: Nomination Instructions for the 2024 RareDAO Council Election :white_check_mark:


:point_right: Link to snapshot :point_left:

  • Preferred name: John Doe

  • Ethereum address / ENS name: 0xC4F9B4F95256ECF8FBcf518CE5dC75d33e25B7F8

  • Country of residence*: USA

  • Relevant social links & NFT marketplace profiles: SuperRare | CryptoArt | NFT Art Marketplace | Digital Art

  • Which best describes your role in the crypto art ecosystem?

    • Collector & Curator

    • Provide more details:
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  • Please share any relevant experience in line with the council’s responsibilities and scope.

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  • What do you believe are the DAO’s most pressing priorities, and how would you contribute to them if elected?

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I find this super interesting. Is there any information about the candidates?

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@KAF You can find the proposals for the candidates here: Nomination Instructions for the 2024 RareDAO Council Election

The final election for the 2024 governance council is now LIVE!

You can vote for as many or as few candidates as you want, your vote power will apply to all of your selections. We have 7 candidates competing for 5 seats:

The vote closes exactly 7 days from now, at 4pm EST on Tuesday January 30th.