Omakase Temperature Check #3: The Crypt Gallery

Looking ahead to the month of November, SuperRare Labs would like to propose its third Omakase partner. Pursuant to [SIP-8], Omakase gives SuperRare Labs the affordance of onboarding one Space Operator per month outside of the Space Race, which thus far has brought us two new interesting partners (Vellum and Elle Deco). As with the last two Omakases, existing Operators are asked to review and vote on whether are not SRL’s selected prospects can enter their ranks. For this third Omakase Temp Check, we kindly ask Operators to review the proposal of The Crypt Gallery, the world’s first digital art gallery in the hospitality industry.

The Crypt Gallery has physical exhibition spaces (open 24/7) within two hotel lobbies to educate and broaden exposure for the NFT community. In collaboration with the Dream Hotel Group, The Crypt Galleries are located in the trendiest areas of NY & LA, with high end clientele, large scale visibility and an after dark ambiance. As running a SuperRare Space is a privilege, we ask that Operators please read their proposal carefully, and consider the strengths they might offer the overall landscape of art and technology.

For their inaugural Space launch, The Crypt Gallery will welcome participants of the Infinity Art + Tech Festival (hosted at the GOYA Studio from Nov 2nd to 5th, directly across the street from Dream Hollywood), and showcase a curated cryptoart exhibition for an audience that’s interested in both art and technology. This will mark the beginning of The Crypt Gallery x SuperRare Space partnership. We are excited for what King of Midtown and its team can bring to the $RARE ecosystem, and how The Crypt Gallery can continue to bring new artists and collectors into the network. As an added bonus, The Crypt Gallery team is also an owner of a team in the Big3 basketball league.

As of today, Operators have 7 days to object to Crypt Gallery’s potential role as an Operator. Should an Operator wish to object, they must reply to this Forum post with their objection and their reasoning (positive feedback and affirmations are welcome in the comments as well). This operator vetting process is meant to be public here on Forum as a measure of good faith and transparency. A lack of response will be counted as a passive endorsement of this proposal. All thoughts are welcome!

Please view their Space Proposal here.

You can also check out The Crypt Gallery’s linktree here.



gm to you all.

I am convinced that onboarding directly new spaces as Elle / Vellum / The Crypt today will give a better visibility to the ecosystem we are building.

I would love to detain ourselves in thinking about the mid term horizon. Spaces were created to fuel the future of decentralized curation and this is an amazing challenge we are all working on.

Most of the Spaces today have been created because of our vision/passion/time/financial resources and we need to think about our sustainability to right our success stories, build credibility and generate demand.

Based on all these variables, I believe that future entities that are not running the space race should pay an entry fee to operate on SR.

I am working on a proposal which main idea is to Insure that these entry fee / $Rare from SR DAO could be redistributed equally to all the Spaces that were able to make it in 2022 / 12 month test until December2023.

Most of the Spaces today need to fund their marketing costs to spread the word and these entry fee would contribute to this.

I am raising this point after sharing / validating it with 3 other Space Operators + 5 SR Collectors. All are convinced that we need to do something urgently to look to the future with more serenity contributing to the sustainability of us all.

Flying back to BA today and will share the prop draft ASAP.

This is my humble feed back / and would love to put this decision on hold until we can vote / agree.




As an LA based gallery, we support this space - Have attended events at the Crypt Gallery and they’ve been around for a while (relatively speaking) and we like the fact that they keep the NFT community thriving in LA. Also the way they are displaying the art is actually pretty unique and the hospitality angle is good for bringing in and educating new collectors.


Generally in favour about endorsing new realities that promote and advocate for crypto art with genuine and high standards.

I agree with Harve that for preserving a decentralised curation it is vital for external spaces to be listed differently or join with a contribution of some sort, doesn’t have to be monetary - it could be voted in by the community for instance.

Spaces need to have the same opportunities of visibility and support as every other gallery - specially because they helped building the NFT space and contributed to the SR DAO.

I’d be in favour of creating a sustainable process where other spaces already onboarded (DAO Members/token holders) vote in/out spaces that apply for a SR space. A guideline should also be created to outline this process.

Happy to collaborate on a proposal of this kind.

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