Omakase Temperature Check #4: 0x Society

For the fourth Omakase Temp Check, we kindly ask Operators to review the proposal of 0x Society, Canada’s first NFT Art Gallery, where SuperRare Labs also established a year-long partnershipearlier in September 2022.

0x Society is an ideal candidate for a Space as its mission to educate and empower artists and collectors within the CryptoArt space aligns perfectly with SuperRare DAO’s mission. As an added bonus, its physical gallery in Montreal has been widely successful over the past year and a half, and SuperRare Labs is helping curate its upcoming exhibition in December. In addition to its physical gallery, 0x Society has authored 0x Academy - a free online knowledge database where anyone from crypto-curious to artists, and collectors can come learn about different aspects of NFTs.

As part of being accepted as a SuperRare Space - 0x Society has plans to re-launch it’s Grants Program, where the initial cohort of 12 artists (Canadian applicants will be prioritized first) will go through a comprehensive 4 week virtual program, and upon graduation, the artists will be invited to mint on 0x Society’s SuperRare Space and minting/listing fees will be paid by the Space. The addition of 0x Society to SuperRare Spaces will hopefully bring in more Canadian artists and collectors to the SuperRare ecosystem. As running a SuperRare Space is a privilege, we ask that Operators please read their proposal carefully, and consider the strengths they might offer the overall landscape of art and technology. Please view their Space Proposal here .
You can also check out 0x Society’s linktree here.