Omakase Temperature Check #5: Daata, AOI, and the Metropolitan Gallery

Omakase Temperature Check #5: Daata, the Metropolitan Gallery, and AOI

For the fifth Omakase Temperature Check, we kindly ask Operators to review the following proposals from Daata, the Metropolitan Gallery, and AOI.

Given that 3 separate potential new Spaces are being considered at once, this Omakase Temperature Check is obviously a bit unique. Omakase Temp Checks typically propose one Space per month, as specified in I’ll Take the Omakase (passed in May 2022); this SIP also allows for SuperRare Labs to redeem monthly credit that went unspent. With our first Omakase passed and onboarded in September 2022 after gaining DAO approval for the program 4 months prior, we are positioned to propose 4 Omakases in addition to the established per-month cadence.

Alongside the momentum of recent critical advances to both the Space Race and the Spaces product itself, we at SRL are excited to put forward 3 potential Spaces in lieu of the singular monthly proposal Operators may now be used to.

All three proposals are written by teams who have competed in past Space Races, enjoy vibrant communities, and tout impressive credentials across both Web3 and digital art advocacy. You will find each of their unique proposals below.

Note: As Omakase consideration for January began before the new Space Race proposal went live on January 3rd, two of these proposals (Daata and AOI) adhere to the original Space Race proposal format.

As running a SuperRare Space is a privilege, we ask that Operators please read each proposal carefully, and consider the strengths each might offer the overall landscape of art and technology.

This temperature check will span 7 days, ending on January 27th. Should you plan to provide critical feedback, please do so in time before this date closes. A lack of response will be counted as a passive endorsement. Operators have 1-week to voice their concerns – positive feedback, is of course, welcome as well.

For the fifth Omakase Temp Check, we kindly ask operators to review DAATA - founded in 2015, DAATA’s mission is to be the first- ever incubator specifically dedicated to commissioning, curating, and selling all forms of digital art. Since its inception in 2015, DAATA has commissioned over 400 artworks by over 100 artists and supported these respective artists via exhibitions, sales, collector relations, marketing, and international partnerships bridging their digital art into the mainstream.

DAATA is an excellent candidate for a Space as its mission sets out to not only provide resources but to nurture and support as well as amplify the careers and ambitious projects of the artists they work with. It is through collaborating with a vast array of artists both emerging and established within their incubator program that DAATA aims to further the goal of bringing digital art to the mainstream. DAATA is dedicated to bridging the gap between the traditional art market and the metaverse, DAATA supports both physical installations as well as digital exhibitions thr0ug their dedicated online “Daataverse,” where collectors can both engage as well as purchase artworks. Furthermore, DAATA has included some of their projects at global art fairs including The Armory Show, Independent Art Cologne, Art Basel Miami, ArtRio, The BAss Museum and Frieze.

DAATA has an excellent team equipped with both the necessary skills as well as tools to bring their goals to reality with team members fitting the following roles: director and founder, CTO, Creative Director, Head of Curatorial and Content, and Community Manager. Drawing on its team’s extensive art experience, Daata collaborates with emerging and leading contemporary artists from across the globe to create new digital artworks across all mediums of digital. For their SuperRare Space, DAATA will offer the artworks as unique 1/1 NFTs, which differs from their own site where they typically offer editions. As running a SuperRare Space is a privilege, we ask that Operators please read their proposal carefully, and consider the strengths they might offer the overall landscape of art and technology.

AOI is a movement dedicated to emerging art and technology, which has not only contributed to the growth of the digital art ecosystem, but the technology that has helped shape the web3 art revolution at large. This innovation is facilitated through the careful ideation and collaboration between both artists and artists tools.

The AOI Space will focus on specifically 1/1 OG artists as well as a carefully selected roster of emerging talent. The space aims to position itself as the go-to place for collectors or anyone interested in the participation and shaping of the art market via blockchain technology. AOI aims to raise the standards of curation as demonstrated with its first global 1/1 generative art show titled “In Our Code” ( The success of this show has as a result encouraged the team at AOI further to continue this pursuit towards thoughtful curation.

In terms of our internal decision process - every artist will go through a range of calls with the team to discuss and assess both their aspirations as well as needs before the decision to collaborate can be finalized. In terms of discovery, AOI looks to work with the top artists that are breaking down barriers across other chains such as Tezos or launching on their own contracts. AOI holds close relationships with a wide array of artists across all the different sectors of digital art including: Tyler Hobbs, Jake Fried, XCOPY, Karborn, FEWOCiOUS, Emilie Xie, Krista Kim, Reuben Wu, among others. AOI plans to release within its space on a monthly basis while creating opportunities to further amplify the releases through strategic scheduling and planning around marque artworld events such as Frieze and Art Basel.

The commission structure will be negotiated directly with AOI according to the artists in accordance with how much they are willing to give AOI for the role in the production of the shows, releases as well as inclusion in events. All commission proceeds will only be utilized to invest in new shows, drops and onboarding of artists. 100% royalties go to artists, unless they explicitly choose to donate certain proceeds to charity.

The key mission statement is to build a powerful arts community through innovative and independent collaborations with artists and reputable players in the field by designing an ecosystem which will reward artists individually while creating value for collectors and community as a whole. As running a SuperRare Space is a privilege, we ask that Operators please read their proposal carefully, and consider the strengths they might offer the overall landscape of art and technology.

Since its formation in September 2022, the Metropolitan Fund has built a foundation of curators and artists that all foster one criteria: quality art. The team has established and gained notoriety through their collective experience within the web3 space. The team aims to select a set number of artists with each given release. The result will be an exhibition curated by 11- 13 independent artists, who have already demonstrated their commitment to the longevity of this digital renaissance.

Under the council of respected collectors, the space operators wield both the skills and intuition necessary to find quality artists to curate within their space as can be reflected within their individual robust collections. In practice, they will use their collective intelligence to assist and advise their artists on best practices, strategy, as well as anything else that they might require to navigate their journey into web3. The goal is to leverage their personal relationships with top founders and web3 builders across the industry in order to push the envelope on innovation as a means to promote quality art at the forefront.

In inaugurating their Space, Metropolitan’s Gallery’s opening exhibition will consist of artists that thoughtfully represent the minds of all 13 founders and their respective, distinguished vision. With a generous promotion plan that leverages the founding member’s independent name recognition across Web3, they are poised to bring the attention of avid collectors to the SuperRare network, whether they be new or returning. To get a sense of what Metropolitan Gallery is capable of, check out the impressive, active projects spun up by two of their members (@VincentVanDough and @__DeFi__)

  • AOTM - A global gallery specializing in prestigious one-of-ones, helmed by VincentVanDough, that’s rapidly becoming a premier destination for grail artworks and their well-deserved, high-ticket sales.
  • GM World - A gallery and growth accelerator for up-and-coming creators, by Ben (__DeFi__). Within a week of launching, GM World helped nearly 10 artists place their work in the hands of collectors. As running a SuperRare Space is a privilege, we ask that Operators please read their proposal carefully, and consider the strengths they might offer the overall landscape of art and technology.