Omakase Temperature Check #6: ONKAOS

For the sixth Omakase Temperature Check, we kindly ask Operators to review the following proposal from ONKAOS.

Pursuant to [SIP-8 3], Omakase gives SuperRare Labs the affordance of onboarding one Space Operator per month outside of the Space Race. As with the last Omakase candidates, existing Operators are asked to review and vote on whether are not SRL’s selected prospects can enter their ranks. For this sixth Omakase Temp Check, we kindly ask Operators to review the Proposal of ONKAOS, a contemporary art platform dedicated to the support and development of new media artists.

ONKAOS is an excellent candidate for spaces as its main purpose is to understand both the needs of both artists and the contemporary art world in order to open new paths, opportunities, and dialogues in traditional spaces alongside emerging digital ones. Therefore, it will embrace a wide variety of roles, including the curation of exhibitions, representation of our artists at international festivals and consolidated institutions, their public communication, the connection with collectors, the creation of awards, the commission of works, and also backing for artistic experimentation.

In addition, Onkaos is part of SOLO Project, an international art experiment initiative in which more than 50 people are involved. The project, among many other activities, houses a contemporary art collection of more than 1000 pieces including painting, sculptures, digital art, sound art, and AI art, and 270 artists (Neo Rauch, Keiichi Tanaami, Miriam Cahn, KAWS, Amoako Boafo, Kenny Scharf, and Murakami, among others). SOLO Project is located at Espacio SOLO, a private museum in Madrid, Spain; LeCluf, another exhibition space at Cantabria, the north of Spain, that also functions as an artists’ residency; and next year a new venue spreading over more than 4000 sqm will be added to the project to host new initiatives besides displaying artworks.

The ONKAOS space will offer the team’s experience as a contemporary art institution with more than 1000 pieces and 190 artists. They believe in the potential of blockchain as a tool and in the new opportunities that have emerged in the art ecosystem thanks to NFTs. ONKAOS understands that the success of their mission will come from the integration of the physical and digital worlds and will work to take their artists to traditional institutions while also encouraging them to experiment with new media and markets, via grants, commissions, residencies, and exhibitions.

The ONKAOS space aims to build a long-term project with sights set on the future, as a legacy of creativity, away from passing speculation and trends. Their teams see NFTs and digital art as part of a whole- a catalyst that provides access to new artists, new audiences, and collectors, and where the ultimate purpose is to generate value for artists.

As running a SuperRare Space is a privilege, we ask that Operators please read each proposal carefully, and consider the strengths each might offer the overall landscape of art and technology.

This temperature check will span 7 days, ending on Friday, February 10, 2023. Should you plan to provide critical feedback, please do so in time before this date closes. A lack of response will be counted as a passive endorsement. Operators have 1-week to voice their concerns – positive feedback, is of course, welcome as well.

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Thank you so much for considering our proposal! We hope the best for Onkaos Space and the SuperRare community! :muscle:

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