Omakase Temperature Check #7: Fahey/Klein

For the seventh Omakase Temperature Check, we kindly ask Operators to review the following proposal from Fahey/Klein Gallery.

Pursuant to [SIP-8 3], Omakase gives SuperRare Labs the affordance of onboarding one Space Operator per month outside of the Space Race. As with the last Omakase candidates, existing Operators are asked to review and vote on whether are not SRL’s selected prospects can enter their ranks. For this sixth Omakase Temp Check, we kindly ask Operators to review the proposal of Fahey/Klein Gallery.

The Fahey/Klein Gallery is devoted to the enhancement of the public’s appreciation towards the medium of photography through the exhibition and sale of 20th Century and Contemporary Fine Art Photography. David Fahey and Randee Klein Devlin opened the spacious 3,800 square foot gallery in 1986. In 1998, Ken Devlin, who shared his wife Randee’s passion for photography, joined the gallery as co-owner and partner with David Fahey. In 2016, Ken Devlin retired, and David acquired full control of the gallery. David’s son Nicholas joined the gallery in 2016 as Director to help usher the gallery and the medium of photography into the 21st Century.

The focus of the gallery’s exhibition program has always been to expose fine art photography to the international art and photography community. Since the gallery’s inception, Fahey/Klein’s exhibition program has embraced a broad range of diverse photographers from Edward Weston to Berenice Abbott; Man Ray to Henri Cartier-Bresson; Irving Penn to Melvin Sokolsky; Horst P. Horst to Herb Ritts; Peter Beard to James Nachtwey, among many others. The Fahey/Klein Gallery is a leader in the field of Photography and is respected among collectors and colleagues. This position of leadership is a result of their dedication to the medium of photography, experience, and knowledge, which, over the many years, has been enhanced by the wide range of services the gallery offers. The gallery staff has extensive experience in curating private and corporate collections, as well as selling and placing large private collections. Additionally, the gallery has an active program of offering secondary market works and consigned photographs to its broad collector base.

Fahey/ Klein space also is the first to offer its collectors the opportunity to pay out streaming royalties on a quarterly basis.

Fahey/Klein Gallery’s collaboration with the art streaming platform Niio allows us to create an “Artcast ‘’ from the collection of NFTs launched on SuperRare. These “Artcasts” are subscription based, a percentage of the revenue from Niio will be given to the owners of the NFTs that are featured in the Artcast. It is the first NFT to provide streaming revenue to its owners. Fahey/Klein aims to release NFTs that focus on historically significant exhibitions and works, as well as for emerging non represented artists to help them build their market. Currently we are accepting USDC for sales of physical art works. We would like to be able to service collectors from the NFT community in both the digital market and physical market. As well as introduce our traditional collectors to NFTs through a gallery they know and trust.