Omakase Temperature Check #8: Claire AI

For the eighth Omakase Temperature Check, we kindly ask Operators to review the following proposal from Claire Silver.

Pursuant to [SIP-8 3], Omakase gives SuperRare Labs the affordance of onboarding one Space Operator per month outside of the Space Race. As with the last Omakase candidates, existing Operators are asked to review and vote on whether are not SRL’s selected prospects can enter their ranks. For this eighth Omakase Temp Check, we kindly ask Operators to review the proposal for Claire Silver.

Claire Silver is an insatiable obsessive for AI-Collaborative art. In spring/summer 2022, she found herself scouring marketplaces for AI work that truly stood out–and became frustrated when she found the selection to be both limited and redundant. In an effort to remedy this- Claire launched a contest in August of 2022 via twitter, with the stated goal of dramatically increasing the speed as well as expectations for AI driven work, both aesthetically and conceptually. The contest received over 3700 unique submissions and over 233,000 impressions. Claire then selected 20 artworks to highlight and bid on, as well as 3 finalists. For their efforts in the contest and placements as first place the winner was awarded with 3 ETH.

The response was so strong and the quality of work so high that Claire aims to continue the contest once every 2 months, in an effort to keep up with the steadily moving pace of the rapidly evolving AI tools. The second contest concluded on September 31st, 2022 with a decreased (5) set of finalists, an increased prize pool for all 5 of the winners. The quality of submission has already far surpassed the first contest. The proposed space race candidate believes that the exposure and possibility of sales would electrify the blooming AI scene, and be truly transformative for some of the most talented emerging artists within the space. Claire plans to continue the AI contest every two months, while increasing opportunity as it comes including the possibility for exhibitions within physical galleries.

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Hey Lauren! The proposed Space looks great! Could you please provide a list of SuperRare Labs-nominated Spaces that have been registered so far?

I note that the SIP has a 12 month sunset provision. Since the proposal passed on June 6, 2022, that means that Labs shouldn’t nominate/approve any more than 12 Spaces by June 6, 2023.

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Hey Emilio!

Thanks for the call out, it’s a perfect time for a tally:

  1. Elle Deco
  2. Vellum LA
  3. Crypt Gallery
  4. Ox Society
  5. DAATA
  6. AOI
  7. Metropolitan Gallery
  8. Onkaos
  9. Fahey Klein

Should Claire AI pass the temp check, they would be our 10th, leaving us with two slots (May and June) for the remainder.of Omakase’s tenure.