Omakase Temperature Check #9: JRNY Jordan Banks

For the ninth Omakase Temperature Check, we kindly ask Operators to review the following proposal from Jordan Banks.

Pursuant to [SIP-8 3 2], Omakase gives SuperRare Labs the affordance of onboarding one Space Operator per month outside of the Space Race. As with the last Omakase candidates, existing Operators are asked to review and vote on whether are not SRL’s selected prospects can enter their ranks. For this ninth Omakase Temp Check, we kindly ask Operators to review the proposal for Jordan Banks.

Jordan and his team have built a highly curated space for some of the best social photography in the market today with the magazine and the team at JRNY intend to do exactly the same with their SuperRare space.

With over 20 years experience as a artists, editors, curators and advisers there isn’t much the JRNY team haven’t come across or many people they don’t know, or couldn’t get an audience with when needed.

Collections from the work of masters such as Michael Yamashita, Elliot Erwitt, Rick Smolan and Peter Lik are perfect examples of the direction the JRNY team will be taking to push the space forward in merging both the traditional and non-traditional collector base. Combined with a combination of highly curated new talents, the JRNY team are able to provide a variety of highly collectable photography.

The experience and connections the team poses to successfully gain access to some of the most talented artists both in web2 & web3 and bring their work to the JRNY Space is almost unmatched in what the team are currently seeing in the digital art space. Likewise, the JRNY team’s access to and ability to help on board such a vast number of high-net-worth collectors into the web3 space is unprecedented. Already being well placed and highly regarded in the NFT photography space will massively aid in their ability to directly market from within the crypto art community.

JRNY was set up with taking care of artists first and foremost and the team only wish to grow this commitment with their entry in the web3. A portion of commission fees taken by the space will ultimately go back in to the support, promotion and commissioning of artists for future projects.

Through their foundation and in a first for crypto photography the team will be commissioning artists to work in specific projects that they require assistance in undertaking and the team believe should be present on chain.

The JRNY team will stop at nothing in order to achieve their goals of making their space become synonymous with the very finest collections of photography available on chain and believe they have built the perfect team to make this happen.

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wonderful! would love to support this.

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Jordan’s works are :fire:

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