[RFC] RARE Staking: A novel mechanism for Curation, Reputation, and Discovery


Aside. I’m wondering why Solidity took the decision of avoiding decimal numbers (floating point numbers). All financial applications use them. Money are not integer numbers!


This stackoverflow post has some details around why it’s not included in solidity


Glaring issue from whitepaper is

In this paper we use the name xRARE to discuss these synthetic tokens in general terms, but in actuality the token for each pool will be named “xRARE_” followed by the target’s ENS name, if one exists, or an abbreviation of user’s address if one does not.

So, are you staking against an ENS name or against an 0x address?

If I’m staking for myfavoriteartist.eth and they end up changing the underlying address what happens?

The target is defined by an address, and then we check if that address is the registrar of any ENS names. If the target’s ENS name is reassigned then the name of the pool will update automatically when viewed in interfaces such as etherscan or alpha.rare.xyz

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hey John what are the updates on this SIP

  1. Another proposing a modification of the bazaar such that a portion of the network fee from each sale is diverted away from the DAO treasury and into the the seller’s RARE pool, if one exists, as compensation for the curation data generated by the pool.

Hello David, this has been implemented along with the deployment of the staking contracts to mainnet!

Here is the SIP which brought it live: SIP | Deploy RARE Staking to Ethereum Mainnet

And here is the app where you can interact with the mainnet staking contracts and claim rewards (after they have been converted to RARE for a given pool via reward swap): https://app.rare.xyz

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Got it! Definitely skipped by that part