Royalties, compromised wallets, security

As the space has grown, us original guys who created the space were limited by the tech available at the time. Currently all of OG royalties are in a grey area, due to numerous compromised wallets. Not only I and other OGs, but we can also see high compromised breeches like celebrities such as Bill Murray being stolen from. No longer can the philosophy of decentralization and identification be surrounded by a “famous wallet”, where as some wallets are often times used for 1 transaction and then discarded, eventually as time goes on hackers are becoming more intelligent and will compromise more. Some centralization in security is needed. For example, makersplace and niftygateway use dashboards where wallets can be connected and disconnected. Request for better security and support for accounts going forward and as such holding royalties in the dashboard to be claimed (like is done with collector royalties). Currently royalties are paid to my compromised account, which can be stolen by the bad actors. A request for this security and quality of life to be focused on as a priorty.

Many thanks!

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