Scam and Rare stolen yesterday

Hi there,

I got scammed through Superrare yesterday and got my entire 13’000 Rare stack stolen :

Offer landed and one of my NFT in my inbox (has been going on for weeks…)
I clicked to view more on the offer and authenticated on my Coinbase wallet
I had to do a second click to view the offer detail
I did not authorize any transaction but I guess the previous step served as such

Feeling bad about my negligence… this looks like my staked rare are still there so at least my emotion commitment towards Rocket Girl, Dangiuz, Goldcat are intact and this does not go beyond monetary value, that consoles me a little…

I guess there is nothing I can do but maybe one thing to consider for Superrare: a bit of communication about scamming.


Not even sure about my staked rare actually… It shows in my profile but I wonder if this is just some persistence and that they are already away…

Thanks @cryptoBender for helping out, I will do for sure !

@Upzeart We’re terribly sorry to hear about your situation. We sent out an email a few months ago addressing these email scams and have worked to take down several websites but they continued to proliferate. We also continue to alert these scam in our Discord community but we also urge users to always reach out to us on Support@ or directly through the chat box to confirm.

As for the staked RARE, there’s a chance these may not be affected as it does require signing the wallet to unstaked. But it may be safer to leave the RARE staked and find a dev that help write a script or build a MEV bot to help automate it.

You can also check and revoke any suspicious connection directly on Etherscan: Token Approvals | Etherscan

If there’s anything else, please don’t hesitate to reach out via our Support@ email.