SIP | For the Culture - SuperRareDAO to Sponsor ComplexCon 2022

Author: thomahawk69, SuperRareCasey

Status: Voting concluded - did not reach quorum

Type: Ecosystem Growth, Promotion, and Brand & Treasury

Implementer: SuperRare Labs and SuperRareDAO

Sponsor(s): John Crain ; Pindar Van Arman

Created Date: September 28, 2022

Link to Temperature Check Poll: Discord

Update: ComplexCon can no longer accommodate SuperRare to be part of the festival. It’s unfortunate, but thank you for everyone’s support!

SuperRareDAO should sponsor ComplexCon 2022 for an IRL Activation in the Web3 activation area where Coinbase is the Main/Anchor Sponsor - and SuperRare can take a section to curate a “Phyigital” gallery (in the TBD area in diagram) with a $RARE bar education section to bring attention and interest into CryptoArt.

ComplexCon is a curated festival over 2 days that brings together the world’s most influential brands and artists for an immersive experience within art, culture and food. The Web3 activation area offers SuperRare an opportunity to connect with Web3 curious audience to continue to grow the community. SuperRare is on a mission to allow anyone in the world to be an art collector and by participating in this festival - SuperRare will reach an ideal audience of young, forwarding thinking, risk-taking, and cryptoart curious individuals that could potentially be brought onto the SuperRare network.

This proposal is asking SuperRareDAO to help provide the sponsorship fees to participate in the 2-day event and have the SuperRare Labs team help curate and execute the event that will best engage with the ComplexCon audience.

For context: in 2021 - Fewocious participated in the event and generated a lot of attention to the cryptoart space, as well as to his brand. The limited edition NFT from the event has a total volume of over 300 ETH on the secondary market and is still being traded to this day.

SuperRare is made up of a network of talented artists and as a collective, with help from SuperRare Labs, all the artworks put on display will garner attention from the attendees as well as the national media.

SuperRare is a marketplace/technology platform - but when the SuperRare brand appears in any art-related events, people get excited. It speaks volume about the SuperRare brand. SuperRare is pursuing progressive decentralization, but it still requires help from the SuperRare Labs team to steer the ship in that direction.

SuperRare’s superpower is its community - carrying conviction that artists, collectors, and curators can move the chess pieces forward, thus participation in ComplexCon is a no-brainer. As the SuperRare brand gets recognition through this event, the community wins as a whole as the brand gets elevated in the eyes of the participating audience. Hopefully, with this sponsorship, participants of this event will remember the SuperRare name, and become an artist through Spaces or become a CryptoArt collector in the near future.

In addition to being associated with the iconic event of ComplexCon, SuperRare is also on a mission to revolutionize the economics of human creativity by building a new art market that anyone can access. To achieve this goal, SuperRare must become the foremost digital art collecting platform - and an important step is educating and onboarding new collectors IRL. Having an intimate 1 on 1 experience beyond the typical gallery tradeshow/exhibition is paramount in making the SuperRare-ComplexCon experience an unforgettable event.

Ask: Requesting funds from SuperRareDAO for an IRL Activation space within the Web3 area in ComplexCon. A 10 x 15 ft wall/booth is approximately USD $20 to $25K - depending on the design plan, and upwards of USD $50,000 for both sides of the booth with potential to negotiate a lower price. On the conservative side - all-in cost requested to fund this event is USD $50,000.

The ideal scenario is to create a memorable experience that participants will take away from the event; either through socials, pictures, interactions, or a POAP.

Additional costs - provide simple giveaways to event participants (2 tiers of giveaways) - increase brand awareness and activation with day-to-day items (dad hats, shirts, etc.) And a code that give attendees a discount code to purchase swag on our Shop site.

Tier 1: Small items: Stickers & POAP - to all attendees
Tier 2: Medium and limited items: One item (depending on cost and design) - to attendees that sign up for a 1-on-1 session with a SR Rep and purchase a piece of CryptoArt

In order for this event to be successful, and aside from the sponsorship funds - the SuperRare Labs team (will help curate, educate, organize, coordinate, and promote) will need to be involved and be present during the event. The costs of the SuperRare Labs team will be charged back to the SuperRareDAO under the approved MSA SIP-11.

Operational Logistics:
Display Partner: Meural would be an ideal partner since it is already a DAO Partner and Member and received great feedback at the NY Gallery. Other alternatives include: Samsung or Infinite Objects. Will be finalized and be updated accordingly.

Design: The SuperRare Labs team has the best insights into what engages with new audiences through its experience during the 4-month gallery pop-up in NY. The team would be able to design an experience that will generate the best results for the SuperRare brand. Ronnie Pirovino, who helped with the Fewo exhibition in 2021, has offered to help make this a memorable experience for the attendees. Rich Antoniello (founder of Complex Networks and a SuperRare DAO participant) can also provide valuable insights regarding past event Do’s and Dont’s.

Curation: The curation team at SuperRare Labs has demonstrated over the years that they can create the best art-programming during various types of exhibitions. Examples include Art Basel Miami in 2021, NFTNYC in 2021 & 2022, LAArt Show 2022, ETHDenver 2022, Venice Biennale 2022, etc. SuperRare Labs also has the relationship with artists that can help create low price point CryptoArt or a POAP for this event to be claimed by participants.

Representation: Artists (whose work that will be on display and also participating in the low price point artworks) and select SuperRare Labs team members. GA passes are included as part of the Sponsorship Fee. The SuperRare Labs team that are in attendance will not only be the 1-on-1 representative teaching conference goers how to buy on SuperRare, but also help promote CryptoArt, the culture, and the SuperRare community. Limited to curation, marketing, and sales personnel that are in close proximity/on the West coast.

Cost: Depending on the community’s response - suggest going with two (2) L shaped wall and make it a SuperRare “Space” or “Corner” and make it an intimate experience. Approximately USD $50K (approximately 290,000 $RARE or 38 ETH), but could be negotiated down by leveraging SuperRare’s existing brand and relationship with Ronnie Pirovino.

Activation Recommendation:
Have SRL personnel on-site to guide conference goers step-by-step demos on buying their first NFT/CryptoArt on SuperRare. Set up like a Genius bar at Apple (”RARE Bar”), where people can schedule 15 min 1 on 1s with a SRL Rep while immersed in CryptoArt from SuperRare on some artistically displayed screens curated by Ronnie Pirovino (suggested by Rich Antoniello, founder of ComplexCon). SuperRare artists can create series of low price point artworks to be released at ComplexCon at the RARE Bar, so new users would just need to pay gas to buy their first cryptoart, while also learning about secondary sales/trades on SuperRare. (ex. Fewo did a free edition NFT last year at ComplexCon which were airdropped/gifted to the first 420 visitors to his activation, still being traded today and over 330ETH in volume on the secondary). This not only helps guide a new user to buy their first NFT on SuperRare but also amplifies the togetherness of the community of artists who participated in the event. There can also be an additional aspect where some $RARE token is airdropped to the first 100 visitors or some number on top of having a couple hundred NFTs bought during the 2 days of ComplexCon.

Gallery setup could be either a few large screens to make it more immersive or curate many smaller ones in a salon fashion creating the same effect to the visitors while the SuperRare Labs’ team educate the conference attendees on SuperRare and demonstrate the steps needed to purchase CryptoArt.


  • Continue to relay the message that SuperRare is the go-to place for exceptional CryptoArt
  • Brand by association - being next to Coinbase, and other key Web3 players will drive goodwill to the crypto-curious audience
  • Less transactional, more personal and informative - longer relationship with SuperRare
  • Encourage more people into web3/crypto
  • Talent discovery - recruit brand ambassadors and/or potential future employees
  • Future brand partnerships - by being involved in ComplexCon, SuperRare can be easily discovered and be the future partners of choice by web3 curious brand that are also in attendance
  • Encourage others in the community to put forth event idea similar to this


  • This will be the first event directly funded by the SuperRareDAO as a sponsorship - and could result in high costs and low ROI
  • Everything is easier said than done - execution of the event is paramount, could potentially fall short and not live up to expectations
  • There’s a chance of being overshadowed and getting lost in all other exhibitors at ComplexCon - i.e. big brands with bigger budgets drawing more eyeballs
  • All other sponsors had months to plan in advance - SuperRare Labs will have less than 2 months to put this in motion


  • Monitor social media channels to see the reaction to the SuperRare exhibition during the 2 day event: Increase in social media mentions and tags
  • Collect # of attendees + info via sign ups of 1-on-1 sessions (with iPad at the booth)
  • Number of successful transactions during the 2 day conference.
  • Increased traffic and transactions to the SuperRare website during the event dates
  • Sale of artworks on display during exhibition and dates surrounding the event
  • More widespread adoption and awareness for CryptoArt (a bit difficult to quantify)
  • International exposure to crypto-savvy audience through news outlets/PR

Hoarding treasury resources does nothing to grow the network. Only regret is that more things like this didn’t get proposed sooner!

  • There’s a chance of being overshadowed and getting lost in all other exhibitors at ComplexCon - i.e. big brands with bigger budgets drawing more eyeballs

Could the Monolith installation be purposed here?


Yes - you’ll get eyeballs and requires a lot of $$

No - because we’re not trying to one-up other brands, but rather be more thoughtful and engaging.


This seems like a great opportunity to raise awareness for the SuperRare DAO and cryptoart. ComplexCon has always placed an emphasis on curation and the audience is interested in pop culture and art.

I’m excited to see more proposals like this one that are focused on growing the ecosystem. I would like to formally sponsor as a council member.


Fully in favor of this proposal.

SuperRare has always had an incredible presence at NFT conferences - makes perfect sense to start expanding to new audiences.

I think we should expect very little cross-over from conference goers to new SR collectors, but the win here is spotlighting web3 artists and promoting the culture!

Co-sign in favor from me!


Like this and future conventions / art shows.

A great opportunity to try something like this out and get better at these types of events.

Looking forward to seeing more of these, especially in the Fine Art Space…

I am interested in sponsoring it as a council member.


A quick update to the community:

We received news from ComplexCon that they cannot accommodate SuperRare this year. As a result, SuperRare will not be participating in the 2 days festival.

The team is bummed by the news, but there will be other opportunities in the future. Looking forward to the community’s inputs on future events!

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