SuperRare Collector DAO


Allocate 1,000,000 $RARE tokens to a 5-member Collector Committee to commission and acquire SuperRare artwork on behalf of the SuperRare DAO.


The SuperRare DAO is the center of the SuperRare ecosystem.

To date, it consists entirely of ETH and $RARE tokens.

This proposal looks to create and fund a Collector Committee tasked with seeking out the best artists in the SuperRare ecosystem, and collecting that work to live inside the SuperRare DAO.

It will initially consist of 5 members, and all works must pass a majority vote within the committee to be collected.

In doing so, the DAO becomes a reflection of that platform it governs, giving a home to the most prolific and up and coming artists on the network.


$RARE tokens should be utilized more actively within the SuperRare ecosystem.

This proposal looks to empower a group of curators with proven experience and history within the SuperRare community to seek out the best work to be owned by the DAO - and in turn, all $RARE tokenholders.

By creating a Collector Committee, the DAO can diversify its holding and strive to attain the most prolific NFTs in history.

Imagine if the DAO owned a Lost Robby. Early XCOPY’s. Early Pak’s. Early Coldies.

For the first time in history, this is now possible.

This proposal looks to present the intent and general framework to the community with the hope and ambition of refining the amount, members and structure through governance.


Allocate 1,000,000 $RARE to a 2 of 3 multisig consisting of Council Members to act as escrow as the 5-member Collector Committee is being established.

The Collector Committee should retain full autonomy over the work it collects and commissions, with a three month period to assess its impact.

At the end of the three month period, tokenholders should vote to renew the program, and if applicable, substitute members of the committee.

For those interested in applying, please respond to this post answering the following questions prompts:

  • Name
  • Twitter
  • SuperRare Profile
  • Relevant Experience
  • First Artist You’d Commission

This proposal will look to aggregate the best responses, and grant the SuperRare Council the power to select the first wave of Committee members.

From there, those nominees and the 1,000,000 $RARE will be presented to a tokenholder vote on Snapshot.

Each member of the Committee will receive 5,000 $RARE per month, unless they choose to defer payment.


Having a dedicated DAO collection allows the DAO to directly support artists while at the sametime building a world class collection of crypto art. This will raise awareness for emerging artists and create a historical record that adds context as this space evolves. Additionally this proposal will help distribute more RARE to new artists on SuperRare.


There is an opportunity cost to allocating these funds to the collecting committee.


Help distribute $RARE to new artists entering the ecosystem and diversify the SuperRare treasury. The Collector Committee would be responsible for curating work from established artists as well as spotlightling new emerging artists on the platform.


  • Yes - Set up a Collector Committee
  • No - Not in support.

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I do not agree. We are in a bear market, with the consequent destruction of the value of the token, the lower appetite of consumers for NFTs.

The allocation of 1 million $RARE tokens to buy in the SuperRare market lacks any business logic, dilutes the value of the token and does not add value to the DAO, but rather generates consumption and use of the DAO product, its own marketplace, inorganically, squandering capital on illiquid assets.

I find it great to allocate part of the profits in $ETH, and I underline the word organic profits of the protocol, in curating works that are part of the DAO assets to preserve them and as a means of saving future value in them. But only at times when benefits are obtained, competition is not a problem that appears eating part of the cake, macro problems that affect the business. And once the regulation of tokens in the US clears the way for organizations like SuperRare to be based there.

I believe that just as the business must grow in an organic and sustainable way, the development of the platform must be prioritized, advancing technologically, with the involvement of artists and the community, so that they feel part of SuperRare’s progress, its technological leadership as platform and its unique place in the ecosystem.

For all that my vote is NO.


This is super exciting, and I think it will bring even more attention to $RARE as a token that gives you exposure to historic & iconic NFTs.

A few questions come to mind:

Should there be a minimum holding period for NFTs purchased by the Collector DAO? (ie as a gesture of good faith to artists and a commitment to the ecosystem)

Will it be possible for the 5 Committee members to pool their RARE to purchase more expensive NFTs together?

Should we create an optional mechanism for the Collector DAO to commission SuperRare artists directly with the funds? What would that process look like?

Name: Elated Pixel (Guy Daniels lll)
Twit: @guydanielsIII
SR profile:
Relevant experience: virtual gallery owner and curator Voxeliving Showroom w Diamond Gallery by Elated Pixel - 3 Fearless Divide - Voxels Owner of seven NFT collections across 6 blockchains:

OSea (much of the good stuff is hidden, sry)
Art Blocks: art blocks
Tezos: | The largest NFT marketplace on Tezos
Near: elated_pixel.near on Mintbase
Paras: elated_pixel.near — Paras
Singular / Rmrk: Space

The first artist I’d commission is Vintage Mozart Vintagemozart

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@coopahtroopa Would love to get more insight from you as an author for this proposal since we’ve had some community discussion around this. If you’re able to attend next week town hall, it’ll be great to have you flush out with the community and SRL team: SuperRare 💎

Hey there - sorry for the delayed response, these forum notifications will get you!

Would be happy to chat through it live or via a Twitter Space.

Tbh, I was hoping this proposal would see more organic interest from the community. I hear what @Michael is saying - we definitely run a risk of the tokens being sold by artists.

IMO kickstarting an economy where people are actively exchanging and using RARE should lead to more progressive mechanisms regarding curation and staking.

This committee is simply one way to get more RARE flowing into the hands of the platforms top artists, and to create a collection of high-profile works from curators who have a great sense of what’s happening at the ground floor.

I’m not exactly sure what it will take to get more curators/collectors to line up and want to be a part of this, but if anyone has ideas I’m all ears!

@coopahtroopa Thank you for your reply and I totally understand! No worries and we have been chatting about this in our town hall a handful of time and it would be awesome to hear from you. Our next town hall is on 8/31 at 2PM EST: SuperRare 💎

Also what’s the best way to connect with you? Twitter, Discord? Email?