SuperRare Discord Update 2.0!

Hello everyone :wave: :snail:

My name is Dan and I’m in charge of managing the Discord server here at SRL!

Today I’d like to talk about some Discord updates we’re looking to implement, as well as share my perspective on why we’re making these changes. Over the past year I’ve been carefully soaking in every different part of the community so I can shape the server into something that better serves all parts of the SuperRare network.

First, I’d like to highlight our main goals with this update:
1. Make the DAO more accessible to all users
2. Reduce channel count, remove clutter and increase overall server access
3. Implement new security technology to better safeguard our users

Using these goals as a spear head, I’ve come up with a bunch of different changes that should help improve the overall experience everyone has being active in our Discord community.

I’ve outlined 3 different sections below; New, Removed and Reworked - each of these sections represents a change we’re going to make next week so please read through carefully as I’d love know everyone’s thoughts!

  • PS: You’ll notice there’s a lack of details regarding the new security technologies we’ll be implementing. I’ve decided to omit this information for security purposes - if we feel like this is something that should be discussed in an open format we can open that up for discussion.

NEW: :white_check_mark:



  • unlockables - moving forward, the “unlockables” category will house all your token gated chats


  • vulcan_sync - a secondary token verification tool brought on due to high request (won’t replace
  • FAQ_forum - a dedicated forum to consolidate all the different FAQ information that services the community - all previous FAQ channels will be moved to this forum.
  • artist_forum - a dedicated forum for artists to share more about who they are and what they do - all artist hub chats will be moved to this forum.
  • trading - a trading board exclusive to certified SuperRare collectors and Rarepass holders




  • artist hub
  • collector hub

Previously, we had artist + collector hubs to help facilitate each groups needs, however, I feel like the overall community experience will be better without this separation. Most artist hub features are now accessible in the new #art_forum while collector hub tools like the #sr_sales chat will be moved to the SuperRare news category.


  • FAQ - consolidated under FAQ forum
  • rare_token_FAQ - consolidated under FAQ forum
  • Official_links - consolidated under FAQ forum
  • rarepass_FAQ - consolidated under FAQ forum
  • role_selection - removed as we’re moving on from a “interest” oriented server structure
  • Space_operators - consolidated to a single #space_race chat
  • temp_check - temp check process is moving away from Discord
  • sip_proposals - SIP proposals will be shared in the new #DAO_news channel
  • workshop_chat - removed because voice calls now support built in text chats

REWORKED: :infinity:

  • workshop system
    the workshop system has been reworked down to one stage that will change type based on our needs. we’ve also removed the #workshop_chat as Discord calls now have integrated voice call text chats.

  • DAO hub
    opened up accessibility as well as cleared up clutter. All chat emojis have been switched over to the :classical_building: emoji to reduce visual noise.



Let me know your thoughts on these updates - we’ll be going live next week and I look forward to reiterating upon these systems with you all! :snail:


Great post, really interested in hearing what everyone thinks of this!


i havent superrare acc
but Good job
hope i see you and superrare fam in superrare Soon

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Kim loves this