SuperRare Labs Release Notes (04-05-2024)

Hey everyone :wave: :snail:

Welcome to the first SuperRare Labs release notes! :tada:

We’re kickstarting this initiative to improve communication with the community as well as timestamp website changes for your convenience. These notes serve as a platform for community feedback on our ongoing work and provide insights into the future of SuperRare. Over time we’ll be looking to update how and where we share release notes, but the forum felt like a perfect first step while we continue to build the infrastructure up

Release notes will be distributed on a bi-weekly basis starting today!

Activity Feed :
  • Added filter/sort option for Chronological feed.
  • Updated Activity Feed QA.
  • Addressed issues with rare/ETH conversions.
Bug fixes :
  • Fixed issue where feed link on mobile redirected to user profile.
  • Resolved repetition of artworks in discovery feed.
  • Fixed display of artwork sale amounts.
  • Addressed issues with rare/ETH conversions.
  • Fixed auto-zooming when typing on mobile search.
  • Added tooltip to explain calculation in collection appraiser.
  • Added Signed-in items to mobile navigation.
  • Resolved repetition of artworks in discovery feed.
  • Fixed artwork sale amounts being shown in current ETH price rather than value at the time of sale.
  • Fixed timer issues on a Scheduled Release.
  • Fixed favorites on profile having broken links.
Profiles :
  • Added Filters to Creations tab.
Releases V2 :
  • Resolved timer issues caused by the Allow List on Scheduled Release.
  • Enabled artists to add an allow-list via CSV within config UX.
  • Updated copy/logic on Mint modal for public minting/not enough ETH.
Misc :
  • Updated plenty of database + API infrastructure for improved site performance.