SuperRare Labs Release Notes (05-03-2024)

Hey everyone :wave: :snail:

Welcome to the latest SuperRare Labs release notes! :tada:

We’ve been hard at work on a slew of exciting updates like $RARE tipping and maintenance after last sprint’s homepage release!

$RARE Tipping
  • Development and deployment of $RARE tipping
  • Enhancements to the Marketplace Indexer and Homepages
  • Modals enhancements for listing, setting auctions, and transfers.
  • Updated homepage communications.
  • Changes to homepage top collectors sort order in Apollo.
  • Finalized and deployed homepage copy and designs.
  • Merge modal work onto cards on the Homepage.
Bug Fixes and Escalations
  • Fix for Google Search result issue for
  • Correction for text display error on user profile popover.
  • Multiple bug fixes in Activity Feed V2, including duplicate feed results, cache issues, and mobile navigation bugs.
  • Auction button bugs and search functionality issues addressed.
  • Various text changes and visual bug fixes across
Process and Product Enhancements
  • New user flow for ticket submissions related to auction errors.
  • Improvements in ticket and analytics systems.
  • Enhancements to the Marketplace Indexer
  • Misc backend and indexer updates

Love to see it :clap:

Big things are coming, and have been coming, but the devil is always in the details. Thanks for shining the light :heartpulse: