SuperRare Labs Release Notes (05-17-2024)

Hey everyone :wave: :snail:

Welcome to the latest SuperRare Labs release notes! :tada:

We’re thrilled about all the excitement around $RARE tipping, so the team has done a lot of maintenance and debugging after last week’s launch!

Also, just to note before we get started - we’ll be making some improvements to our release notes process which may cause some slight scheduling changes for when we post, so keep an eye out! :eye:

$RARE Tipping
  • Maintenance and Debugging of $RARE tipping
  • launched tipping on Farcaster and, where users can track their tipping allowance, tips given, and tips earned. and Homepages
  • Continued enhancements on modals for listing, setting auctions, and transfers.
  • Enhanced marketplace indexer
  • Tidied up homepage cards.
  • Now support inline-json metadata or images for artworks.
  • Improvements to video and image processing.
  • Improvements to performance
  • Tidied up Gitbook docs.
Bug Fixes and Escalations
  • Gas-less Gnosis Safe login.
  • Profile editing now correctly redirects to the new profile layout.
  • Fixed issues with the Connect Wallet modal.
  • Resolved the hamburger menu popping up the mobile menu.
  • Corrected the muting function on the activity feed.
  • Addressed the auction bid text displaying incorrectly on feed.
  • Tipping allowance now rounds down correctly.
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