SuperRare Labs Release Notes (06-04-2024)

Hey everyone :wave: :snail:

Welcome to the latest SuperRare Labs release notes! :tada:

We’re thrilled about all the excitement around $RARE tipping, the team has focused on debugging and maintenance since its launch. We’ve also had a very busy media week :video_camera:

This week we made some updates to the release notes process - we’re looking to continue our biweekly cadence but will be pushing post time to the start of the week instead of the end of the week.

Product Updates
Bug Fixes
  • $RARE Tipping:
    • Active debugging of current Tipping issues.
    • Submit tipping issues here.
  • Fixed empty “Last sale price” on cards when auctions end.
  • Investigated Prismic homepage update issues.
  • Fixed padding/margin issues on mobile modal - Switch Network.
  • Addressed historical data inconsistencies reported by trusted users.
  • Fixed 404 error in the Help section link.
  • Corrected RARE/USD price conversions in warehouse data.
  • Resolved Auth issues in the EU.
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