SuperRare Labs Release Notes (06-17-2024)

Hey everyone :wave: :snail:

Welcome to the latest SuperRare Labs release notes! :tada:

This release cycle we focused on developing system improvements and system maintenance. Key updates include a $RARE Tipping Guide, improvements to our errors pop ups, and multiple bug resolutions. :space_invader:

Product Updates
  • RARE Tipping Guide
  • Improved Tipping support resources
  • Website Error Pop up Enhancements
  • Offers on no longer generate tipping allowance
  • Improved artist onboarding/invitation email
  • Significant upgrades to internal tooling
  • Backend system improvements made to
    • Releases
    • Support Docs
    • Activity Feed
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed broken images in HTML email templates.
  • Fixed normal series that didnโ€™t show up with query.
  • Corrected โ€œLast Sale Priceโ€ on the releases page showing in ETH for pieces purchased in Rare.
  • Resolved visual bug preventing artists from settling auctions.
  • Corrected embedded thumbnails displaying incorrect artwork.
  • Fixed issue with bidders from previous auctions showing up in current auctions.
  • Corrected offers showing up as bids in the Activity Tab instead of as events.
  • Fixed artwork size issue on the homepage carousel for mobile devices using Safari.
  • Corrected typo in popup when hovering over username.
  • Fixed failing migration in Prisma migrate automation.
  • Corrected โ€œMore by this artist/seriesโ€ showing RARE as ETH in the ADP related row.
  • Fixed truncated URLs in release images.