SuperRare Labs Release Notes (07-08-2024)

Welcome to the latest SuperRare Labs release notes! :tada:

This release cycle we finalized some long term backend system efforts - these changes have created a noticeable improvement in overall site performance. We’ve also integrated a new internal QA process to improve the quality of updates and changes along with a slew of bug fixes as usual! :female_detective:

Product Updates
  • Finalized major backend projects
  • Updated core page structure - main header, sub-nav, etc.
  • Improved pop-up modals
  • Updated Artworks View filters and cards
  • Updated artwork View card image ratios and proportions
  • Implemented a countdown timer for scheduled auctions on the Artwork Detail Page
  • Updated the ‘Accept Offer’ button style on the Artwork Detail Page
  • Displayed last sale prices on cards showing null on the profile page
  • Set up Hypersub Telegram chat
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed high-priced works being truncated to both thousands and millions
  • Fixed issue where clicking an image in the series section on the homepage refreshed the homepage instead of going to the series page
  • Corrected dimension weirdness for large vertical formats
  • Fixed auction alignment issue on the Artwork Detail Page
  • Fixed wrong URLs showing for artworks
  • Corrected homepage mobile layout scrolling horizontally out of the content container
  • Ensured no in-app notifications don’t cause knock-on issues
  • Fixed z-index bug on ADP/nav
  • Added corresponding Series links/info for some artworks on ADP
  • Fixed usernames in the activity panel showing as ‘Unknown’ on the Artwork Detail Page
  • Allowed creators to pin their artwork within the pinned image hero after it has been sold
  • Corrected series artworks linking back to the homepage
  • Sale Price Modal now requires RARE approval before setting ETH price
  • Prevented curated list from crashing staking dApp