Thumbnails and of AsyncArt not loading

Could you fix the asyncArt on our profiles? Or maybe it is just me.
About half of them show as broken images and when you click on them to view them the image on that page is broken also.
I would rather you not show this series at all if most of them are broken.

@BardIonson Hey Bard! Happy to check in on this. Async’s IPFS hosting server went down but they got it back online. I’ll check in w/ the team to get it re-index again. Thanks for flagging!

Thank you,

I was wondering what was going on.

It must have been down for a month. Did all the images get unpinned from the whole IPFS network because Asyncs server was down? I have been trying to report this issue on the SuperRare ticketing system but nothing ever happened. Perhaps I need to pin all of them on my own.

I would still like the option to not display this AsyncArt collection by default in my profile. Maybe you have features coming that let us customize our galleries on the profile pages?

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@BardIonson Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Precisely, it’s been down for a few months. We recently got Grifters back online and currently, we’re repining the rest of the Async collections on SuperRare to our own node but it is taking a bit of time due to the IPFS bottleneck.

Thanks for the feedback here on the options to customize the galleries on the profile page! I’ll pass this along to the product team. :hugs:


Maybe you can help provide us AsyncArt artists some information as we move forward. I am in a group thinking about how to preserve the art. Async said they were only pinning for a year. You are pinning Blueprints. There is also the version 1 art, the music blueprints. Are you pinning those also?

We are thinking about ways to revive the art but also how to just keep it up on ipfs. Do you have any insights?

@BardIonson We’re currently only pinning some collections that got indexed to SuperRare for some artists. For the rest, we’re not entirely sure as some of the projects aren’t indexed on SuperRare.