We are going to hold an nft artist award specializing in visual arts.

We are about to hold the world’s first nft artist award specializing in visual arts. What would be the best way to invite as many people as possible in the super rare community? And for the development of the super rare community, I would like your opinion on what the awards committee can do to help.

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Collecting a piece would be a great reward!
Would love to attend. You can share your concept on social channels, and be sure to include me @bigcomicart!

what a great idea! Marketing is key…

There should be approximately 15 to 20 different categories. My suggestion is create a poll|survey and allow the masses to choose the categories , have the voting take place for a month… 30 days, once the 30 days is over the tally the votes, and then create the categories based on the top choices. Then we can set the criteria. Id love to help any way I can.