How to Submit a Space Proposal

Spaces are independently run storefronts on SuperRare that can curate art and artists, promote sales, run auctions, and collect commissions. To learn more about Spaces, read the docs.

Interested in proposing your own Space and entering the Space Race? Here’s how:

  1. Create your proposal from the official Proposal Template

    • Copy the questions from the Proposal Template and paste into your word editor of choice
    • Answer all of the questions as thoroughly as possible. Take your time and answer thoughtfully–details matter!
  2. Publish your Proposal in the Forum

    • Find the current Space Race No. and publish your proposal as a reply to the main post
  3. Share, get feedback, improve

    • Share your proposal with the community in Discord and on social media
    • Ask for feedback and make edits as necessary to make sure your proposal is as compelling as possible
    • At this stage you may be assisted by Community Editors/Ambassadors to make sure your proposal is as good as possible before review by the DAO Council
  4. Wait for Space Race voting to kick off

    • The DAO Council will make a final list of proposals that meet quality standards, and submit to Snapshot as a poll, commencing the Space Race vote
    • If your proposal makes it into the Space Race vote, promote it and rally as many votes as you can to try to win!

Proposals must be organized, clear, and must specifically address each of the questions in the Proposal Template in order to be considered for the Space Race. The DAO Council has sole discretion in determining which proposals will advance to a community vote. The SuperRare DAO does not guarantee the success of any Space Race proposals.


This is fantastic.

I’d kindly like to put my hat in the ring for anyone looking to create a Space Race proposal to please contact me on Discord @coopahtroopa#9799 to help flesh out any blockers.

Extremely excited for the Space Race to kick off and look forward to onboarding generations of Spaces to come!


Great, look forward to


Is there a deadline for the first round?

Oika Rich
The future is beautiful, or there isn’t one.

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Proposals for the 1st Space Race must be submitted by midnight PT on October 15!

Hey there, stumbled on this from a tip from a few friends in the NFT space.

As SuperRare is moving to model with multiple independent storefronts, I wonder if these storefronts would be interested in having persistent virtual spaces in the metaverse?

my email is joakim(at) if you’re interested to talk more, or Jommi#8025 on discord.

One question on #3. When you say “Share your proposal with the community in Discord”, is it the main Superrare Discord (can you resend the link to confirm I got the right one?) and which channel should we post it to? Thanks!

Yes, share your proposal on the main Superrare Discord.
Under the “start” category three channels down you’ll see “space-race”. Share your proposal there.


I’m working through my application and was wondering if it would be OK to publish the application somewhere else, maybe like Medium post or even a Google Doc that is publicly accessible, so that we don’t have to cut and paste the final application into the forum, but just provide a link to it. Would that be an acceptable way of submitting the application?


For now please share the full content of your application w/out using links. Thank you!

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Excited to publish the 0x Society proposal! Already some good applications in there

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The future is beautiful. And there is ONE when we work together… Oika is an exceptional intellectual and a creative power. It’s is an important space to connect one and another for the good. Thank you for creating this wonderful space to join, share and be graceful. Should be on SpaceRace to share with the world for sure.

this is helpful. Thanks for the info.

I hope to put a proposal out there but still considering in what vein to go. :beers::facepunch::cowboy_hat_face:

Hi! Looking forward to the start of the Space race. Are we meant to edit our original reply in the Forum?

While you can make a few edits, the idea is that your original submission is to be your final submission in its entirety ideally.

Hello Lee, a few questions before application closes:
Is this the final isntance so submit the application or later we’ll be asked to sumbit the formal final one?
Seems like there will be a period to adjust it with some of your team advising us to fine tune it. or is this the final closing and thats it?
Ultimately, when will the first selection happen, and when will the DAO voting happen?
Do we have a general timeline?
Thanks alot

We just submitted and are very excited to be a part of the Space Race! We had put together a beautiful looking proposal with a few embedded photos but it turns out we can only upload one media item per post as “new users”. How does one graduate from being a new user and would we be able to edit in a few photos eventually? This is such a visual space and it would be shame not to be able to share visual representation of the work we’ve done and plan to do with the community. Thanks in advance for all your help on this matter!

ignore this question, looks like we eventually got upgraded and were able to post our photos after all :slight_smile:

Hi, I have a doubt, is it necessary to hold a quantity of $RARE to submit a proposal?

There were some changes and currently, no, you do not need to hold $rare in order to submit a proposal.