How the Space Race Works

Recommended pre-reading:

The Space Race is a twice-monthly election for the next Space to be brought into the SuperRare Network.
Hereโ€™s a breakdown of the lifecycle of a proposal being entered into the Space Race:

  1. Publish :memo:
    A proposal is written and published by an aspiring Space operator following the instructions HERE

  2. Feedback & Improvement :eyes:
    The person or team who published the proposal gets feedback from the community and from the SuperRare Labs team. Feedback and suggestions are incorporated into the proposal in order to make it as strong as possible before being reviewed by the DAO Council.

  3. Council Review :face_with_monocle:
    The DAO Council reviews qualifying proposals and compiles a final list of those that meet the standards. The proposals in this list become the official entrants into the Space Race when the Council submits them as a poll on Snapshot.

  4. Vote :ballot_box:
    A 48-hour voting period is open in which $RARE holders vote on Snapshot to determine the winner

  5. Winners Announced :champagne:
    One winner will be elected by the community and announced following each Space Race, and queued for onboarding into the network