Omakase Temperature Check #1: Elle DĂ©coration

Earlier this Summer, the SuperRare community voted “yes” on “I’ll Take the Omakase”, a proposal that allows for SuperRare Labs to select one organization per month to join the ranks of our existing Spaces.

Typically, Spaces earn their spot as curators/gallerists within the SuperRare ecosystem through community appointment (aka Space Races); Omakase allows for SRL to handpick new voices to join this initiative of community curation as well.

SRL Labs would like to propose its first Omakase partner to launch in the month of September – Elle Décoration, a global media presence with an incisive eye for physical space as imagined in the metaverse. But because running a Space is a privilege that is otherwise earned via a community vote, we need the approval of all existing Operators before formally bringing an Omakase partner into the fold.

Please read Elle Décoration’s intended vision for their Space below. As of today, Operators have 7 days to object to Elle Décoration’s potential role as an Operator. Should an Operator wish to object, they must reply to this Forum post with their objection and their reasoning (positive feedback and affirmations are welcome in the comments as well). This operator vetting process is meant to be public here on Forum for the best practice of good faith possible. A lack of response will be counted as a passive endorsement of this proposal.

:black_circle: :black_circle: :black_circle: Elle DĂ©coration Omakase Proposal :black_circle: :black_circle: :black_circle:

1. Space name / team name:


2. Name and email of primary contact:

Jean-Christophe Camuset / [email protected]

3.Names of additional Space admins:

Alexy Souciet : [email protected]

Olivier Vignot : [email protected]

4. SuperRare username(s) of everyone involved with your Space:


5. Short bio of you and/or your team:

In 2022, Elle DĂ©coration celebrates its 35th anniversary. On this occasion, we decided to focus on the future of decoration. Seeing the NFT sector booming, we decided to bring together the world of design/decoration and digital art in order to invent what metaverses will look like.

6. Website & Social Media Links:

Instagram: @d3signcapsule

Twitter: @D3signCapsule

7. Summary/manifesto of your Space (~500 words). What is your unique value prop / elevator pitch? What type of art will you focus on? How will your Space stand out among the crowd?

What could IRL designers bring to the construction of metaverses? D3SIGN CAPSULE is the place where architects, decorators and designers meet with 3D, IA, generative artists and collaborate to explore the future of décoration. For the opening drop, the team of ELLE Décoration France has formed 15 pairs and each of them has created a short collection of unique NFTs. Some of them also produced a physical piece and all of these artworks will eventually be auctioned together. D3SIGN CAPSULE will stand out among the crowd by being the very first gallery to offer NFTs of virtual objects, furniture and spaces, made by acclaimed designers.

8. Describe you/your team’s experience curating and promoting artwork:

As a design and interior magazine, we’re always searching for the best new designers, tech, spaces, materials and then highlight their talent by writing articles, making videos or podcasts. Curating this space of designers-made NFTs is a very natural way to continue this work for ELLE Décoration, a major voice in this industry. Our syndicated features are popular worldwide because our team is one of the best at detecting and promoting emerging trends and designers.

9. Describe you/your team’s experience organizing exhibitions, making art sales, running auctions, networking with collectors, etc:

ELLE Décoration France is the oldest of all ELLE Décor licenses in the world. It’s part of CMI France, a French media group owned by czech tycoon Daniel Kretinsky. We’re constantly organizing events, sales, special operations and have a dedicated team for this kind of event. Lately, we’ve launched a prints sale with Parisian gallery Amélie maison d’art.

10. Are there new artists you’d like to bring into your Space in the first six months? What is your relationship to them?

For this first leg of D3SIGN CAPSULE, we’ve been forced to limit the number of collaborations. But there are plenty of designers who want to be part of the next drops. Among them, we’re discussing with Philippe Starck.

11. Are there any artists already in the CryptoArt space that you are planning to work with? Have they committed to participating yet?

Among the digital artists who joined D3SIGN CAPSULE, you’ll find 3D architects (Alba de la Fuente, Charlotte Taylor, Magnane Studio, David Porte Beckefeld…) but also the Artblocks-phenomena William Mapan and IA art collective aurèce vettier. We’d love to onboard all kinds of creators who profit from new technologies to invent another form of art.

12. If selected, how soon could you launch your first exhibition?

The physical exhibition will take place from 10th to 18th of September in Hôtel des Archives Nationales in le Marais district of Paris. The sooner the better but we’re open to a late opening of our Space, like end of September-early October.

13. Please provide any additional details about how you plan to operate this Space; e.g. cadence of releases, auction strategy, number of artworks, other ideas for promoting your art and artists, etc.

Ideally, we’d love to launch new collections on a monthly basis. As a leading design magazine, we’re dealing with all big names of that industry and with the experience of the first sale. We would love to sell less videos and pictures and more 3D objects and spaces.

14. How do you plan to structure commission rates for the artists who release in your Space?

The initial idea every artist has accepted was to split in 3 equal parts the money of the first sale. Then, for the second sales, set a split more favourable towards artists.

15. To you, what is the importance of NFTs as a medium/technology? Where do you see the NFT and CryptoArt space in five years?

The revolution of crypto-art just began… There are so many paths to explore with emerging technologies (blockchain, IA, smart contracts and everyday brings new opportunities). That’s why, in my opinion, art and crypto art will eventually merge in a way or another.

16. If your Space were a cocktail or a dish, what would it be and why?

French fries: perfectly shaped and popular worldwide :slight_smile:

17. Anything else you’d like the community to know/consider?

For us, NFTs is an opportunity to explore new ways of expressing creativity, but it’s also a way for us, as a media company, to diversify its incomes in a context of the crisis of printed magazines. We don’t make it for the hype but as a long-term strategy…


Interesting proposition

I believe that a Co-Creation Channel should be created to boost cooperation between us

A lot of synergies should start to appear and if we want to bring them alive together, we need to know each other.



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