Omakase Temperature Check #2: Vellum LA

SRL Labs would like to propose its second Omakase partner to launch in the month of October – Vellum LA, a premier NFT gallery for digital art that is bringing crypto art communities together through art history and educating the public on the potential of NFTs and its impact to the future of art. Running a SuperRare Space is a privilege and we are seeking the approval from all existing Operators before formally bringing an Omakase partner into the fold.

From our own experience of running the NYC Gallery, a physical gallery bridging the gap of digital art and the IRL world is very important for the progression and public reception of crypto art. Vellum LA is an ideal Omakase partner with its physical gallery in Los Angeles, and its desire to educate the public with its one-of-a-kind viewing experience. SuperRare Labs is proud to support and would like to put forth Vellum LA’s application as a SuperRare Space Operator.

Please view their Space Proposal here.
You can also check out their formal website here.

As of today, Existing Operators have 7 days to object to Vellum’s potential role as an Operator. Should an Operator wish to object, they must reply to this Forum post with their objection and their reasoning (positive feedback and affirmations are welcome in the comments as well). Omakase calls for the operator vetting process to be public as a practice of good faith. A lack of response will be counted as a passive endorsement of this proposal.


Vellum LA has my support. I had the pleasure of meeting both Sinzi and Alice when I visited their gallery in LA. They were kind thoughtful people and truly were welcoming. Their physical gallery is probably one best NFT galleries I have been to so far. I appreciate the time they took to write up their application and the quality shows that they weren’t just doing it just for the formality, but to truly gain the support of the current Space operators.

One thing that this does make me think is that there are other ways to find good Space operators. SuperRare’s audience and inbound interest is a great source of candidates. But I imagine that the SuperRare operators also have a high quality network to find candidates and maybe should be given the ability to propose one a month for special consideration. Maybe I should write a SIP for that. :wink:


Glad to have your support Chikai!

If you know of any good potential Space Operators - please direct them to the next Space Race or to the SuperRare Labs team! But love the idea of Space Operator’s proposing new candidates! Let’s see that SIP! :eyes:

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i’ve been to the vellum la gallery, its exceptional.

founders are wonderful and represent the art and artists with great care and concern.

this proposal has my support.


This is a really exciting sign that Digital Fine Art via NFTs is finally headed seriously to the big time. PFPs were an interesting detour, but more and more people are beginning to understand that real, sustainable value is rooted in the art–not only in its tradability. I’m all in!


I couldn’t agree more @NotoriousGangOfOne! It feels like things are shifting and there is a continually growing focus on art vs pfp/collectibles. I’ve very excited for the Vellum space :slight_smile:


thank you Colborn ! Feeling is reciprocated re: MOCA

Much love to you Chikai and we also love what you are doing! Thank you! - Sinzi & Alice

Vellum LA has my wholehearted support.
I attended their panels at the gallery during NFTLA and was beyond impressed. Having a physical anchor in tandem with a space can impact the public and bring more collectors to the SR ecosystem at large. Plus their thoughtful approach to critical discourse surrounding digital art and the displays utilized in the space were top of the market.

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What is the best way for me to submit my original art pieces that i converted to NFTs? I live in Hollywood area and really want to showcase my work. I really need direction and a different prospective