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Maximiliano Castello


Today, there are very few ways of building loyalty, growing the community or expanding media coverage. Very few networks are active, and most are quiet and unattractive. It’s striking: low participation in the DAO forum and a general lack of interest in our community.

This is why we are proposing the creation of a real community tool in partnership with QUESTLY.

Questly Main

What is Questly?

Questly is a white-label quest hub that allows projects to engage, acquire, retain, and monetize communities. We created Questly after helping ClipperDEX to reach more than 100k users in Discord while increasing their trading volume by 8.5X times during campaigns.

What you can do in Questly:

  1. White-label & tailored development:

We build so you don’t have to. Custom gamification and fun quests will help you reach goals and keep your community safe inside your own space.

  1. Unify third-party quests:

Want to grow your community with QuestN, Galxe, or Zealy? No problem, we centralize the user experience in Questly and give your community a proper place to connect.

  1. In-House quests:

Want to retain your current community instead? Then, don’t make them leave your space by interacting with other quest tools. Use ready-made quests built inside our product.

It’s completely customizable. Let’s you to imprint your style in every moment of interaction.

Goals & Review

The main objectives are the following:


Keep users active with interactive challenges and activities.


Attract new users with enticing quests that boost sign-ups.


Boost sales and revenue by offering On-chain trade competitions.


Reduce churn by appreciating loyal users with rewards.

Especially for web3 projects that understand the importance of engaging their community. Other quest products can redirect your users to your competitor and still charge you for it. We want you to keep your community invested in your project long-term.

Implementation Overview

  • Create a mockup for you

  • Have a meeting where we will show them the product and how it works.

  • Create the type of competition you want.

  • Invite your community and enjoy.

Other Considerations

We also offer other services such as:

  • Trading competitions.

  • Quests to increase volume and token sales.


Website —

Twitter —

Telegram — @maxicastello

@MaxQuestly First, welcome to the RareDAO community. Thank you for taking an interest in our DAO activities and initiates. I moved this over to the correct channel: Community Partnerships - The SuperRare Network Forum. If you’re interested to submit a SIP you can post a Request for Comment here first: Governance Discussion - The SuperRare Network Forum

Let me know if you have any questions!

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Thank you very much! I hadn’t seen that channel, honestly. The intention of this post is for the RareDAO community to get to know Questly and let them know that we can expand their community and make it a fun place for everyone!

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Of course and no worries. Not sure if you’re also aware of our Grant Program but this could be a good case for it. Check out this post here: April 2023 Update on the RareDAO Grants Program

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