Website ui/ux feedback


Im not sure if this is right place to put this but i couldn’t find anything related in discord or forum.

Video control buttons not working on mobile phone. (Full screen, volume)
Ios 15, Iphone 12 and ipad pro.

After the new ui design, landscape works are now looking great but portraits got worse.
Anything in 4:5 or 9:16 looks so small on website. More responsive solution would be much appreciated. Most of the artists now work in vertical orientation because of the social media, so i believe it should be prioritized.

Also i use an extension to view sr in dark mode which has many flaws.
I believe we really need a dark mode or am i speaking for myself. :slight_smile:
Is there anything for dark mode in the roadmap ?


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Post something about it 3 months ago. I think that is something fundamental that the DAO needs to focus on. But even this has not received feedback from the team. It seems to me a missed opportunity not to provide resources in a place that will make more people feel comfortable browsing and trading in SR. With the consequent growth that this would bring.

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+1 for dark mode - would love to see that implemented.

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